MEA Women in Business Awards 2017

MEAMARKETS / Women in Business Awards 2017 13 , WA International is renowned in the hospitalitymarket for creating original & distinctive destinations. We spoke to Claire Craig, Design Director, to find out more about the firm. Best International Interior Design Director 2017 & Luxury Hospitality Interior Design Firm of the Year 2017 Established in 1996, WA International combine extensive experience with dynamic creativity and an appreciation of local aesthetics, materials and conditions, to create some truly exceptional interiors. Claire, who founded the firm’s main offices in Dubai and has helped drive the firm towards the excellence it enjoys today, discusses how the company works to ensure excellence for its clients at all times. “Here at WA International, we believe that our success is down to a simple philosophy, to stay loyal to the Clients brief and meet the operator’s requirements of functionality, yet at the same time, to create an interior that exceeds the highest international standards whilst providing a unique and memorable experience for the guest. “Thanks to the high quality services we provide, we are proud to be associated with a variety of prestigious developments and premium brands such as Starwood Luxury Collection, JW Marriott, Four Seasons, One & Only, The Address Hotel & Resort, Soffitel and InterContinental to name but a few.” Ultimately, having worked previously in Canada, USA, Saudi Arabia, London and Egypt, Claire embodies the true spirit of an international and culturally diverse designer. Recently, she has witnessed the evolution and growth of this region, her contributions to design has led the UAE to a world class hospitality and travel destination. With a background in architecture, it is her love and passion for all things design that has led her to interior design. In her concluding comments, she outlines how she and her company work to ensure that clients receive the solutions they need, and how this focus on quality will continue to drive the business over the months and years to come. “Overall, WA International prides itself on the precise interpretation of our clients’ requirements within integrated parameters of budget, feasibility and programme, which is enabled by our team of experienced designers and an extensive and updated reference library allowing focus on aesthetic detail and the generation of solutions which are exclusive, avant-garde and viable, incorporating the latest technology and global trends. “Our paramount philosophy of quality and creativity is maintained by professional support staff WNB17007 Contact: Claire Craig Contact Email: [email protected] Address: First Floor NGI House, Port Saeed, Dubai, PO Box 42, UAE Phone: +971-4-266 3050 ensuring the design integrity is upheld throughout, thus meeting the expectations of our exacting clientele, and this will remain our ongoing focus as we look towards an exciting future.”