MEA Women in Business Awards 2017

12 MEA MARKETS / Women in Business Awards 2017 , Ibtisama Beauty is the only cosmetic teethwhitening brand inMENA Region of its made- in-USA products. We spoke toMaissa Fattal to try and find out more about what makes the company so successful. Cosmetics Business Innovator of the Year & Best Emerging Cosmetics Company 2017 Today Ibtisama Beauty is highly regarded as “Your Smile Partner”, being the first one to tail the cosmetic trends and care about a beautiful white smile in the Middle East. Maissa discusses what drove her to launch the company. “Fundamentally, I founded Ibtisama Beauty from the passion of a confident white smile discovered during my career as a barrister in Geneva. I created a unique concept in the region that gets far from the dentist chair, the white uniform and the painful experience into a daily beauty routine smile-care concept using only chemical free and natural ingredients. The definition of beauty at Ibtisama is flirting with the positive energy that a person gives out through self-confidence.” Since starting her career, Maissa comments on the changes she has seen, both within the company and the industry, particularly with regard to women. Maissa talks about the future of the firm, how she plans to expand the company and spread happiness through her work. “Mainly, I have always said that being an entrepreneur is not easy but it definitely has its ups and downs if you are a woman. As a young Swiss women entrepreneur in the middle east, I faced many challenges, mostly when it comes to deal with the authorities. Also, accepting a woman in leadership`s roles can generate a longer process in bonding new partnerships and credibility, but it is not impossible for sure. I learned how to adapt where the obstacles are to overcome, and I always followed the goal.” “The main goal and plans for Ibtisama Beauty are to bring the express teeth whitening service known to the next level over middle east by establishing new Smile Lounges in all Middle East countries and spreading the happiness through a beautiful smile that gives energy.” With regards to her own career, Maissa details her goals for the future and how she is planning on reaching these goals. “Looking great on the outside is something we all want and work hard towards but having a positive mindset is far away the much healthier option. Plus, how else if not through a beautiful smile that gives energy and spread positive vibes.” WNB17004 Contact: Maissa Fattal Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Sky Tower, 35th Floor, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE PO Box 46391 Phone: 971 2 555 9272 Website: