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Najahi Events

As the UAE becomes regarded as an internationally renowned hub of industry and growth, there is a need for people who can inspire that sense of entrepreneurship that is essential to its continued expansion. The team behind Najahi Events Organizer LLC are world leaders when it comes to personal empowerment, and they have come to the UAE because there is so much potential that hasn’t been tapped yet. We take a look to discover more following their incredible achievement in the UAE Business Awards.


In any economy, the need for continuous growth is essential, both in the world of business and in people’s personal lives too. This sort of growth is not easily taught, as it must come from the heart, and from people who have a lived experience of going through the various stages of development. There are very few industries where authenticity is such a valuable trait. Nonetheless, that is the case here.


The team behind Najahi bring that vital lived authenticity to the UAE, with experienced business leaders who have spent years not only learning how to continually develop, but how to share the knowledge of that growth with others. The vision of the firm has become far more than simply encouraging better business practices, instead championing a holistic perspective that embraces all the aspects of a person and encouraging them to become whoever they were meant to be.


When the team at Najahi first got into the business, they did so with an approach that saw business development and personal development go side-by-side. In this new growing country, it’s vital that the titans of business are not just leaders of a company, but family and civic names as well. This ensures that they are able to give back to their communities too. The UAE has a strong and proud tradition of this behaviour, and it’s one of the things that makes the region exceptional for the team to work in.


Creating a space for these important speakers to share their knowledge has been an invaluable step for many. They have found people who have transformed their own inspirational dreams into startling reality. In many ways, this reflects the impressive growth of the UAE. The team specialise in a specific blend of skills, combining personal empowerment, financial education and leadership skills to provide a stunning performance of edutainment – educating while entertaining. With clear communication, it’s little wonder that so many people from so many different backgrounds have been inspired by their timeless efforts.


The way in which these sessions are done varies, depending on the client and their needs, and the nature of the session. Najahi runs a range of different presentations, such as entertainment, community and personal transformation and youth empowerment events and programmes. These have all been carefully designed over many years to have the maximum possible impact on the audience. It’s this incredible attention to detail that has allowed the team to have such a remarkable impact on the community at large.


The final result for the team is a country that embraces the potential it has always shown – namely the ability to become a dynamic, sustainable and entrepreneurial economy. Of course, being based in the UAE means that the Najahi team are at the very cutting edge of a globalised economy as well. Since first running events in this industry, the team have been able to reach hundreds of people from across the Middle East. Their words of wisdom, built on knowledge gleamed from countries around the world, will empower them to make the real difference that they want to see in the world.


Needless to say, the mission of Najahi has remained constant over the years, with the only real changes coming from adapting to a new technological landscape. It is one thing to bring together such an extraordinary array of different speakers, but quite another to ensure they have access to the latest in interactive and entertaining learning techniques. The need to tell authentic stories is clear, and the basis of success, but constant research is being performed by the firm on the best way to communicate this information to the masses so that they might be able to thrive.


One of the clearest signs of this innovative thought process can be seen in the firm’s latest addition to its impressive line of products. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, slowing down business and limiting the possibilities both of travel and of holding large events, the Najahi team developed something entirely new. After a year of research, the result, iKew, was unveiled. This an online Video-On-Demand platform containing hundreds of hours of motivational speeches, trainings, courses and “edutainment” content from international celebrity motivators and key speakers.


For those who want to reach out to those with knowledge, and discover what they have to say about development and growth, this is an essential resource to have access to. Everyone involved is an expert in their field, and knows precisely what a client needs to do, today, to thrive and succeed in a rapidly changing world. Those who want to grow, both personally and professionally, want to learn too. iKew is a place where people are able to learn anything that they want to.


With courses from numerous different topics, there’s something for everyone on this platform, and there is no limit to where you can look or explore. Instead of having to choose a certain path from the outset, clients have access to every course for a simple monthly membership. This allows members to discover ideas and concepts that they might never have considered before, taught by some of the world’s finest educators. It goes without saying that iKew is the next big step for the Najahi team, pushing the boundaries of motivational speaking further than ever before.


That said, while iKew has the potential to be an impressive addition to the firm’s offerings, it’s in live events where the heart of the company really is. The team has committed themselves to continuing their much-appreciated live events as and when circumstances allow. That said, it’s only through the diversification of their approach that the team is able to achieve such incredible success even during these difficult times. One of the main messages of every Najahi session is to find ways of growth, and explore the opportunities that might arise from them. It’s a message that has been proven to be incredibly true throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


The UAE and Najahi fit together with ease, because both have built their reputations on a desire to grow and a desire to improve. Both have strong visions of the future, and they intertwine beautifully together. It’s little wonder that Najahi has been able to thrive in this environment, with their mission to inspire others to turn their dreams into reality, because, at its heart, that’s the main aim of the UAE too.


For business enquiries, contact Awfa Mustafa from Najahi Events Organizer LLC by email at [email protected].

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