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The main driver for interconnectedness of the world is free trade and human immigration. People are constantly seeking avenues to migrate to different parts of the world for building a future for their families, better employment opportunities, access to better resources, and various other reasons. This is what makes well-grounded immigration programmes vital for countries that offer them. The United States. EB-immigrant investor programme is an example of a programme that was created for the mutual benefit of the people that need it along with the U.S. government.


The team at The American Legal Center in Dubai have filed the most EB-5 applications within the Middle East and North Africa region. With over one hundred families served, there is a breadth of experience as they maintain their position as the preeminent think tank when it comes to the United States EB-5 program.

The United States EB-5 immigrant investor program was created for the mutual benefit of foreign nationals and the U.S. government. Under the EB-5 immigrant investor program prospective investors must invest in an approved commercial enterprise. Up until 23 June 2021, the required investment amount was $900,000. However, the positive verdict from the groundbreaking Behring Regional Center case against the Department of Homeland Security allowed for the reversal of the $900,000 rule to $500,000 required capital investment.

This monumental change in the required capital investment led to an influx of applications in a noticeably short time. The team had less than two weeks to file as many qualified applications as they could, before the June 30 government deadline. While many were skeptical on whether this enormous task would be possible in such a short period, the team of U.S. licensed lawyers at The American Legal Center were more than capable and prepared. They had been communicating the possibility of a reduction and amendment to the law since February 2021, thus this allowed them to create awareness and ensure that their potential clients were ready to submit their petitions as soon as the announcement was made. This proactive approach clearly shows how the team is always one step ahead.

Since the program’s inception in 1990, it has received great popularity and growth among families that wish to relocate to the U.S., predominantly investors from Asian nations such as China and India. Evidently, due to the state of the U.S. economy and how investing in a reliable and strong economy is beneficial for any investor. On approval of an investors’ petition, an investor will receive a U.S. Green Card and residency for themselves, spouse and children under the age of 21. As Green Card holders they have access to the same U.S. resources available to U.S. citizens such as, free lower primary education, better health facilities, lower tuition costs and better job opportunities.

While some may argue that there is a long waiting period prior to obtaining a green card, in 2020 the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services announced an increase in the number of available visas for applicants. This means that the program has the capacity to take an increased number of applicants. The team at The American Legal Center are excited about how the program has grown. Having filled the most EB-5 applications in the Middle East, they have witnessed the changes that the program has undergone. Their legal staff are well equipped to handle all dynamics of this government program and have been successful in obtaining approvals from our offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for nearly a decade.

Shai Zamanian, Managing Director of The American Legal Center, says “In the years working with the EB-5 program I have seen the plethora of opportunities that this program presents to families. It is truly rewarding to see successful applicants start their lives in the United States and benefit from all the resources and opportunities presented to them.” 

As of June 30, 2021, the program reached its sunset date and was not reauthorized by Congress. However, this does not mean that prospective investors cannot start the journey towards obtaining their U.S. Green Cards and residency. The team at The American Legal Center has a way forward for you and your family.

Contact the team to discuss how your family can still capture this opportunity to file under the $500,000 rule.

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