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Opaal Interiors is an internationally recognised Interior Design Firm and Consultancy based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Following their success in the UAE Excellence Awards, we profiled the company and caught up with the brains behind the business, CEO & Founding Partner, Noor Al Muhaideb who gave us insight about what makes Opaal Interiors an awardwinning firm.

Since their inception in 2016, Opaal Interiors has grown rapidly into one of the leading interior design practices not only within Dubai and the UAE, but also internationally. With ample experience shaping interiors globally, they have fashioned hospitality sectors, model homes, sales centres, and a string of luxury interiors for homeowners and up-and-coming retailers.

Stopping at nothing to create luxurious yet simple and elegant design, throughout the years the team has curated a distinguished portfolio which features highend multi and single residential, five-star hotels, retail spaces, offices, hospitality and corporate projects.

Noor, an entrepreneur by spirit and an award-winning interior designer by trade, shares further detail about what sets Opaal Interiors apart and touches on the point of difference clients receive from inception to conception. She also tells us how the team ensure clients’ requirements surpass their expectations.

‘My theory has always been, that to build something lasting in our industry, you need to curate a space, not just decorate it. I endeavour to create environments with soul and character, regardless of who I’m designing for – whether it’s a corporate or individual project, large or small, luxury or informal. Before we get to the design process, my team spends a lot of time studying not only the space, but its surroundings, to inspire our clients with a finished project that goes beyond their expectations.

‘The importance of relevant and inspiring interior design cannot be overstated. The population is growing with businesses and individuals looking to differentiate themselves -design and interiors are fundamental to lasting first impressions. Our experts, saddled with the latest knowledge in successful contemporary design and furnishings, are here to guide clients towards achieving the design of their dreams. We fuse our understanding of materials, textures, finishes and colours to elevate spaces into accommodating and contemporary places using the best practices in the industry. At Opaal Interiors, our careful project management, top-quality interior design solutions and vibrant, customer-centric team consistently delivers world-class renovations and creations that enrich lives.’

Speaking of success and delivering innovative creations, Opaal Interiors were recently selected in MEA Markets UAE Excellence Awards where they were righteously awarded the accolade Leading Interior Design Firm, 2019 – Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Whilst on the topic
of success, Noor is keen to reveal the reasons behind the firm’s accomplishments since inception.

‘Opaal Interiors’ focus is to inspire clients with a completed project that goes beyond their expectations. This company is built around a standpoint of creating highly tailored and personalised client strategies from concept to delivery. Whilst the philosophy has always been to deliver exclusive, unique and individual design results, we are passionate about all components of design.’

Enabling the firm to deliver these world-class renovations, is the dedicated, inventive and talented team which forms the backbone of Opaal Interiors. When iscussing the internal culture, Noor highlights the significant role the team play in the overall success of the firm.

‘Opaal Interiors values each and every staff member, from the design team, technical to the administration. What the firm has reached now is the combination of the coordinated excellent works, dedicated and artistic team. Anchoring the suppliers, finding the best rates and quality items to turn the clients vision into a reality.’

Bringing in the interview to a close, Noor signs off by reflecting on what the future has in store for Opaal Interiors, touching on how advancements in technology will affect the design industry, and the potential results which may follow.

‘At Opaal Interiors, we believe a focus on functionality will always remain a driver behind designs, besides beauty and aesthetics. Ultimately the motivation should be on the human aspect of the built environment. Already we are seeing digital trends be strong in design, with visuals and aesthetics such as VR, robots and AI becoming second nature to us and believe more technologies will be emerging, cutting the design process duration and increasing visual accuracy. Living spaces will go smaller, and communal areas will increase serving the life style of millennials and newer generations.’

Looking ahead to what the future holds, Opaal interiors aspires to continue focusing on delivering fabulous, luxurious and elegant regime spaces from manageable design solutions to various interiors projects. Creating an award winning interior design, with the latest furnishing and trends in the region and internationally.

Contact: Noor Al Muhaideb, CEO & Founding Partner
Company: Opaal Interiors
Address: Office # 7, First Floor, BIn Lahej Building, 9B Street, Zaabeel Road – Al Karama, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971 4 342 1333
Web Address: www.opaalinteriors.com

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