GreenPack Empowers Innovative Mobility Projects In Kenya

• GreenPack delivers 50 battery packs to Kenya
• GreenPack battery provides offroad e-cargobike with energy
• E-bikes are used, among other things, for transporting clean drinking water

Providing green energy for everyone as needed – this GreenPack leitmotif is currently being implemented not only at more and more sites in Germany, but also at Lake Victoria in Kenya. This is where the high-performance standardised rechargeable battery of the Berlin-based GreenTech company is used as part of the Siemens Foundation’s WeTu project.

In addition to the “WeWater” and “WePower” business units, which stand for clean drinking water and sustainable energy solutions, the “WeMobility” division has set itself the goal of introducing innovative electromobility solutions in the region. With solar energy, sharing economy approaches and local production, the infrastructure will be expanded and will enable added value to be created locally.

The GreenPack battery supplies all-terrain cargobikes in the WeMobility project area. The oversized e-cargobikes of the Berlin start-up Anywhere.berlin have electric motors and extra-wide tires to reliably transport loads of up to 160 kilograms, even beyond paved roads. The e-cargobikes are used, for example, for the transport of drinking water, which is obtained as part of the WeTu project area WeWater using modern filter systems in Mbita and other locations on the shores of Lake Victoria – an important contribution, because in the region, only 35 percent of people have access to clean drinking water.


Electric vehicles and electromobile applications are very well suited for use in rural areas of East Africa and represent an environmentally friendly alternative to existing means of transport – especially against the background that due to the favourable climatic conditions, an energy-autonomous charging infrastructure can be built and operated.

The standardised, exchangeable GreenPack battery in conjunction with a solar charging infrastructure enables efficient and sustainable use. In total, the Berlin start-up has sent 50 batteries to the WeTu locations on Lake Victoria.

“We are proud to support this Siemens Foundation project with our replaceable batteries, thereby helping to promote environmentally friendly mobility, affordable transportation and local production, as well as creating sustainable jobs at Lake Victoria,” said Tobias Breyer, CMO of GreenPack.

“Electromobility makes sense not only in Europe, but especially in rural regions in Africa. We chose the GreenPack battery as part of the WeMobility project because of its high performance, ease of use and easy changeability, enabling it to build an efficient mobility system based on rental batteries,” explains Marah Köberle, Project Manager of E Mobility at the Siemens Foundation.

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