The Leading Design Consultancy in the Middle East

VX Studio is an award-winning developer-led design consultancy firm, based out of Dubai. Currently managing a portfolio worth over US$5 billion, they are one of the leading design firms in the Middle East, with a well-earned reputation for excellence. In July, MEA Markets Magazine named VX Studio among the winners of the esteemed 2018 MEA Excellence Awards, with the title of ‘Excellence in Architecture’. Following this achievement, we spoke with Co-founder and CEO, Hamid Kerayechian to find out how the firm has thrived in this notoriously challenging sector.

For the last seven years, VX Studio has fortified its position as one of the best design consultancy firms in the region, with an established history of completing projects varying in size and nature. Created as a multisector, multidisciplinary firm, they have a practised expertise in master planning, hospitality, residential, retail and mixed-use projects. Ultimately, by fulfilling the need for a developer-led design firm, VX Studio has thrived in a sector known for its incredibly competitive disposition.

To start, Hamid takes a moment to focus on VX Studio’s philosophy, a factor that has been one of the driving forces behind the business; ‘We focus on ‘developer-led design’; which means that we place the developer’s key interests and expectations at the core of the design process by maximizing the sellable area as well as the return on investment. As a result, we continuously exceed delivery to the highest efficiencies and quality standards.’

Hamid continues, emphasising the importance of the team dynamic in the firm’s ongoing success, ‘Our hand-picked international team come from developer backgrounds and execute the key design requirements of the developer through each stage of the design process. We ensure the client’s project is commercially viable and will get the best ROI.’

Known as a hub for innovation and future-centric developments, the United Arab Emirates is a flourishing environment in which to build a business. In recent years, however, the real estate market has become ever more competitive, resulting in a drip-down effect on VX Studio’s operations. Despite this, Hamid remains optimistic of future growth in the region, ‘The UAE real estate market is highly competitive especially in Dubai, as oversupply continues to impact prices. Yet we believe in Dubai’s continuous growth and ability to attract more businesses and investments from all around the world moving forward. Our presence is currently strongest in the UAE. Design and workmanship are so important, there is still a strong need in Dubai for tastefully designed, functional buildings.’

‘We believe that Dubai is the ideal hub for operations domestically and internationally. The laws and regulations are in favour of business owners and investors which makes it an appealing environment for those who seek to expand in the Middle East and beyond. It is easy to accomplish things and bring in expertise from abroad.’

Tying in to this idea is that, to guarantee success in the region, a firm needs to be at the forefront of their industry, keeping one eye firmly on the future of the sector to best weather the challenges of the present. Hamid fundamentally agrees, ‘The world is advancing faster than ever before. We maintain an agile and flexible attitude towards change as we go and cope with constant change by locking ourselves in as little as possible. We look for learning opportunities in every venture we take, and make sure to strengthen our teams in what they do best.

Coming to the end of the interview, Hamid wanted to speak for a moment on the internal culture of the firm, ‘Our culture at VX studio is one of a kind, where employees are encouraged to perform with full autonomy. We are proud of our award-winning workspace and the atmosphere at VX Studio. Everyone comes in with a smile on their face feeling engaged and motivated. What we look for in an employee is character first of all, and secondly, the ability to perform their duties with minimum supervision.

Finally, with regards to the future of the firm, Hamid has an eye on company growth into overseas markets; ‘We look to the future with great ambition as we expand our operations around the world. VX Studio are looking to a sustained growth from diversifying into new markets globally where the method of excellence in delivery that we brought to our regional clients are more in demand around the world as they look towards the quality of design coming from the Middle East. VX Studio have just recently opened up our branch office in Mayfair in London and we are securing major projects in markets such as Turkey, China and even the USA.’

By all regards, VX Studio is a paragon in the design sector, creating exemplary studies in architectural design; from the avant-garde to the very definition of true luxury. Utilising their unique perspective ‘ driven by developers ‘ they have risen to the top of their profession. The MEA Excellence Awards were launched with the mindset to recognise the very best businesses operating in this incredibly diverse region. Without question, VX Studio certainly belongs among them.

Company: VX Studio

Address: Office 7, 1st Floor, Zaabeel Rd, Dubai, P.O. Box 122751, United Arab Emirates

Website: www.vxstudio.com

Telephone: 00971 4370 8909

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