Greenshield Insurance Brokers is a Dubai based insurance broking firm, and is a family run operation, holding values similar to its parent group; integrity, honesty and social responsibility, all of which are central to its mission.

Established in 2000, as a subsidiary of the Habib Group, Greenshield has been able to bring a wealth of knowledge which stems from the group’s involvement in the global insurance and banking sectors since 1941. The company is focused on four core business segments: Property and Casualty, Group Benefits, Specialty Insurance and Individual Life and Medical insurance. Its clients are primarily a combination of individuals and SME’s, whilst the firm also services a few large corporate clients and clients with complex insurance requirements.

First of all, Rahul tells us how it feels for the company to have been selected in the MEA 2017 Leading Decision Makers as the Most Trusted Deputy CEO for Providing Outstanding Business Services in the United Arab Emirates.

‘Being recognised for this award means I am deeply honoured and at the same time proud of our team that helps us make the magic happen every day. A huge thank you to all the mentors, clients, colleagues, family and friends that have supported me along the journey and knowing that I still have a lot more to give over the coming years.’

Following its success, Rahul outlines the firm’s future mission, and what steps the company plans to take in order to reach its targets, before describing what services the firm offers and how it tailors these services around the needs of its individual clients.

‘Placing a firm emphasis on our values, the overall mission of the firm is to find solutions and positive outcomes for our clients that are consistent with values of integrity, honesty and social responsibility.

‘Offering a variety of services, we have two types of products- those that are off the shelf insurance products like motor, travel and some types of medical insurance. Although where we really bring value as a firm is where we have a client that has a bespoke insurance requirement, where we can structure product around their needs.’

With client’s expectations constantly being raised, Greenshield has to work hard to match these requirements, meaning the team must stay ahead of any upcoming developments which affect the industry. Rahul explains how Greenshield ensure that the team are always best placed to meet the clients’ needs.

‘Learning about new products and innovation is built into the DNA of the firm. We constantly encourage all our staff to keep learning either through supplier product forums, continuing education or internal workshops where we encourage our staff to take ownership over a subject of Subject Matter Expertise.’

Referring back to what has helped the insurance firm achieve what it has, Rahul explains what helps Greenshields stand out amongst its competitors, meaning it can attract the best clients, and garner return business.

‘In a commodified business like ours where we have over 150 insurance brokers and 60+ insurance companies in the UAE, we differentiate ourselves with two things; our service and product knowledge. I have been driven my entire career to continually offer our clients with the latest in product innovation.’

Part of Greenshield’s thriving business is the internal culture within the firm, with staff being innovative, creative and working well together. Rahul explains how the team ensure that all employees are working towards achieving the same goals.

‘Being a regulated business, we like to make sure that the parameters and ethics of conducting the business are well defined. Once we can define that to all the staff, we like to have people who take ownership and accountability over their work. We try to encourage our people every day to make decisions and know that the management will always have their back even if things don’t always go as planned. Being a family business, our culture is also family orientated where we always want the best for our people yet expect them to behave and conduct them in a way that is consistent with our values.’

Ultimately, Rahul is looking forward to what the future holds for Greenshield, as he discusses the impact that technology and the internet has had on the industry.

‘With the advent of the internet ideas move quicker than ever before. This keeps us on our toes and we are constantly looking at new products and industries to cater to. Cyber and insurance focused on the technology industry will be a big focus for Greenshield in the coming years.’

Company: Greenshield Insurance Brokers LLC

Contact: Rahul Roy

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: 1504 Boulevard Plaza Tower 1, Burj Khalifa Downtown, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971-4-523-1806

Website: www.greenshield.ae

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