TM Robotics Partners with Caionix to Sell Toshiba Machine Industrial Robots


TM Robotics Partners with Caionix to Sell Toshiba Machine Industrial Robots

Today TM Robotics and Toshiba Machine announced they have partnered with Caionix, a distributor of industrial robots in Egypt. With this partnership, Caionix is now responsible for providing the area’s industrial market with the pre-sale, sale and after sale services for Toshiba Machine’s Cartesian, 6-axis and SCARA robots.

Caionix provides support and solutions for many applications in a variety of industries, including food, pharmaceutical, packaging, plastics and automotive component.

The THL SCARA models satisfy the growing demand for affordable, flexible automation in applications outside of the traditional robot industries. In addition, because the lightweight system generates substantially less inertia, a simplified gearbox has been used. The net result is that these robots are the most energy efficient in their class.

‘We’ve been working with Caionix since the beginning of this year and so far have experienced great interest in the Egyptian market,’ said Nigel Smith, CEO of TM Robotics. ‘It’s clear there was a great need for flexible, cost-effective robots like Toshiba Machine’s. We’re looking forward to expanding our footprint in Africa as we work with Caionix to increase our reach in the area.’

‘We chose to work with TM Robotics because we knew Toshiba Machine Industrial Robots provided flexibility, high performance and a simple design that suits a wide variety of applications,’ said Ahmed Abdeldayem, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Caionix. ‘With our industrial focus, having access to every kind of robotic offering provides our customers the best solutions possible to solve their every manufacturing need.’



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