Superior Service and Reliability Are Key for Faber & Allin


Eureka Zandberg commenced her legal career in 2003 at a corporate firm and was admitted as an attorney in March 2005. She progressed to establish her own practice in Cape Town in 2006, and gradually moved her focus to litigation in general, which resonated with her practice strengths.

In pursuit of her litigation focussed practice direction, Eureka relocated to Johannesburg where she established the firm with a former partner in 2008. To further diversify the firms’ service offerings, she is currently pursuing postgraduate studies at the University of London – Masters of Law: International Corporate and Commercial law, International Arbitration and foreign investment, as her scope of practice has advanced to a business orientated application.

The firm prides itself on a sensible approach to legal billing in that they do not deem every client to be just another number. They bill each individual instruction on its own merit based on the complexity of the instruction and the expertise required. They do not use automated billing practices and a fee agreement is entered into with each client, suitable to the clients’ instruction and expectations.

Eureka tells us all about the firm and what if offers to clients, ‘Faber & Allin Inc. is a general legal practice with a proficient focus on litigation. In addition, the firm has an established involvement in contractual work in both a drafting and an advisory faculty. Faber & Allin Inc. has diversified its service offerings to include intellectual property law, which is an exciting platform for growth and efficiency. The firm serves a diverse client base ranging from individual clients to corporate clients, both locally and outside the Republic of South Africa.

‘Ethics and professionalism are the fundamental principles that Faber & Allin Inc. adhere to. As for ongoing strategy, the business strives to deliver results through innovation, reliability, efficiency and accountability.’

With regards to the Middle East and Africa region, Eureka explains to us the impact the company is making, as well as the way implementing technology is affecting the region ‘Faber & Allin Inc. has established itself as a prominent participant in the litigation arena. Our litigation efforts have proudly featured in the law reports, most notably a landmark judgment, which effectively extended the common law of South Africa. With the advancement of digital and electronic business transactions, I believe a particular challenge for the legal industry will be to implement technology effectively in practice and at the same time adhere to legislative and regulatory confines vis-‘-vis the protection and management of personal information and data.’

Despite the challenges of technology, Faber & Allin have used it to great success, as Eureka describes, ‘We incorporate technology both internally and externally to achieve our goals of increased efficiency and productivity. We have successfully implemented a ‘digital office’ strategy, which, in addition to being a green initiative, has increased productivity throughout the firm and reduced the cost of doing business, Most recently, we introduced a ‘client portal’, which gives clients direct access to the firm’s attorneys, as well as anytime access to essential billing data.

Superior service and reliability is a key goal of Faber & Allin. Eureka goes through the company goals over the next five years and where she sees the business in the future.

‘I aim to achieve on all levels from brand value to delivery. I am confident that superior service delivery can realise growth of the firm’s recurrent client base, thereby increasing revenue and enabling the business to work towards its community support goal. Business efficiency remains the constant goal of Faber & Allin Inc. as increased staff productivity and efficiency combined with continual strategies to reduce the cost of doing business is fundamental in achieving the key goal.

‘Looking to the future, I aspire to establish the firm’s physical presence beyond South Africa in my endeavour to offer a global service. I envision achieving my future business plans through strategic alliances and/or affiliations.’

Company: Faber & Allin Inc.

Name: Eureka Zandberg

Email: [email protected]

Web Address: www.faberallin.co.za

Address: 1st Floor, Block 1, 3 Anerley Road, Parktown, Johannesburg, South Africa

Telephone: 27 11 025 9440

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