Kamal Habachi is a partner at Bakouchi & Habachi – HB Law Firm LLP. Located in Morocco, the legal firm specialises in all areas of business law.

Founded in 2006 by Mrs Salima Bakouchi, ‘Bakouchi & Habachi – HB Law Firm LLP’ is a multidisciplinary firm of business lawyers with expertise in business law. The firm is designed to provide assistance to public & private institutions, financial institutions and individuals with legal and tax benefits of high quality in consulting, pre litigation and litigation.

In 2012, the firm was transformed through a professional partnership of lawyers. The choice of legal firm reflects a willingness of partners to pool the expertise of lawyers, which is in the client’s exclusive interest.

Kamal Habachi speaks to us about what the law firm offers to its clients. ‘The activity of our firm, composed of lawyers and attorneys advice, and the diversity of our focus areas, allow us to assist, advise and defend our clients both in negotiations and support before the Moroccan courts . In order to effectively reach the needs of our customers, our firm maintains close professional relationships with governments, social partners and some international firms.

‘Our law firm is specialised in all areas of business law. The firm is divided into two complementary departments, department of litigation and the department of counselling. Thus, we provide to private companies and public institutions, legal services of the highest quality. Our client approach involves providing a full range of services to cover all the clients’ needs and to make them feel secure with a professional services provider.’

By continuously providing clients with a high quality legal service, they have built up strong working partnerships. Kamal remarks that having knowledge of the market is another reason why Bakouchi & Habachi have remained successful in Morocco.

‘The strategy of our firm is to provide high valueadded legal services. It offers a full range of services covering all clients’ legal and tax needs. The firm has lawyers from different backgrounds, thus enabling the firm to handle all the legal and tax issues a company may face.

Also, and in a continuously changing environment, the firm seeks to broaden its areas of expertise and to build on the strengths of the HB Law Firm team to cater to all its clients’ needs. We strictly comply with the profession’s exacting code of conduct. Our ongoing business strategy is to set up a full services and proximity with the client and to build a partnership for punctual project or day to day business.’

‘Our strong skills and good knowledge of the Moroccan market make us one of the business leaders in our sector. Also, being aware of the international laws, conventions and treaties ratified by Morocco, is very important in order to provide high quality legal services. We implement the best technology, maintain secure data and files, and we are assisted by professional services providers.’

The MEA region has benefitted from Bakouchi & Habachi’s experience. They have gone on to help many companies in Morocco, whilst also facing the challenges of the country’s legal system. Knowledge of the region appears to be the secret to their success.

‘Our law firm helped many international firms to get established in Morocco. We have helped to facilitate many Moroccan companies to implement their business in other countries in Africa, as well as helping an important number of companies to face legal issues that had a huge impact on the company worldwide.’

‘Morocco has adopted and amended many laws in the last decade. In consequence, many challenges are arising out of those changes: e.g. companies must comply with all these laws mainly in corporate law, anti-trust law, consumption law, and the protection of personal data law.
Furthermore, Casablanca has become a regional hub, a gate to the African continent which offers many challenges and opportunities to our country as many big firms have decided to get established in Casablanca.’

Kamal Habachi states that the law firm ‘remains open to new ideas and different points of view.’ Bakouchi & Habachi’s future plans include hiring lawyers from different backgrounds and cultures, creating a more diverse workforce. Another goal of the firm is to make Bakouchi & Habachi more important in the industry, both in terms of the quality of their work and the quantity of their clients.

Company: Bakouchi & Habachi- HB Law
Firm Name: Kamal Habachi
Email: [email protected]
Web Address: www.hblaw.ma
Address: 6, Farabi Street, R’sidence Toubkal, 2nd floor, Casablanca, Morocco
Telephone: +212 522 474193

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