Vivakor, Inc. Registers New Office in Middle East

Vivakor Inc. has announced it has registered and opened a new office location in Doha, Qatar in the Middle East.

The registration of Vivakor-Middle East in Qatar enables Vivakor to serve clients in the Gulf Coast Countries (GCC) that can take advantage of Vivakor’s proprietary oil remediation and reclamation technology. The region produces well north of 15 Million barrels of oil per day and Vivakor’s technology will enable these oil companies to clean and recover the oil spilled during day-to-day operations. Oil spills that are not addressed and accumulate create an interruption of business operations. Vivakor will also be able to assist in areas where oil has contaminated the soil/sand due to the ravages of war and terrorism in the region. The environmental impact to the people of these countries by addressing oil spills has been well received. The humanitarian aspect to the cleanup fits into Vivakor’s charter for responsible Corporate Governance.

Vivakor continues to focus on asset accrual in their Precious Metals and Energy Business Units. The Company operates its multiple precious metal extraction processing machines from Henderson, NV, and has eighteen (18) mineral claims it operates within the Southwest US. Additionally, Vivakor entered the Energy Sector back in 2014. The company developed a proprietary; environmentally clean solvent and methodology for extraction of oil from the designated Utah Oil Sands area. They have acquired land from the State in the area near Vernal, UT. Eastern Utah has over 32 billion barrels of proven oil reserves in the rich oil sands area within the State. As Vivakor acquired their technology and methodology for extraction of the high-value oil sands; the company also announced an ability to do remediation and reclamation of contaminated sands from oil spills across the globe.

Chairman and CEO Matt Nicosia stated, “We are extremely excited to establish a strong presence in the GCC. Our strategic partners in Qatar have been enormously valuable in the expansion into this region. The ability to offer real remediation and reclamation of oil irrespective of how it has spilled is deeply rewarding from an ecological standpoint. The business opportunity is nearly incalculable.”

Vivakor’s intellectual properties are proprietary and proving industry disruptive with a low cost basis in their operations model in the natural resources space. The company focus is specifically in Precious Metals extraction and green, clean oil extraction from the rich oil sands across the globe. These asset classes provide Vivakor with a substantial capability and opportunity for investors going forward.

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