The eagerly anticipated fourth annual UAE Business Awards have returned to further celebrate and showcase the achievements made by business owners and innovators across the United Arab Emirates region.

Every year the UAE Business Awards honours the enterprises and individuals behind innovations that drive increasing growth and development; developments which have assisted in establishing the Middle East as a global business knowledge-base and leading destination for new initiatives.

The MEA Markets publication was launched to bring some much-needed recognition and exposure to the firms in this vibrant and far-reaching business arena, who through their unwillingness to settle for anything less than the absolute best are shaping not only their industries and regions, but the global corporate community in turn.

It is the opinion of MEA- Markets that the United Arab Emirates hosts the world’s most vibrant tapestry of successful businesses. Despite often facing hardships such as recession, saturation and trading restrictions, this region grows and develops notably on a commercial basis annually.

This year we will explore the many industries that form this wonderfully diverse and affluent corner of the world; including financial services, Oil & Gas, PR & Marketing as well as Tourism and Entertainment. In order to represent only the very best that the UAE region has to offer, our winners’ selection will be made solely on a merit basis considering the businesses’ dedication to innovation, stature against competitors and client/ customer feedback.

In addition, as the UAE region has evolved, so has its consumers and with an estimate of 97.48% of the region’s population active on Facebook and a further 80.92% active on YouTube it is now more important than ever for brands to engage with their customers digitally 24 hours a day. This is something that we will be paying close attention to during further research, and ultimately our winners’ selection.

If you are deemed as one of our winners’ following our research teams’ investigations, then you will be presented with access to our complimentary celebratory items. In addition, you would also be given the opportunity to be presented to our readers as leading lights of the UAE region via a dedicated space in our annual winners’ magazine, as well as various marketing items and visual reminders to assist you in promoting your new accolade and maximising your company’s exposure following your recent success.

Receiving third party recognition will help to boost your reputation within your chosen industry as a leading UAE business. Featuring in our annual winners’ publication is also a fantastic opportunity to be showcased to our circulation of over 177,000 readers and promote your business to a highly targeted audience based specifically within the Middle East and Africa region.

With this in mind; if you know of, own or are part of an organisation which you feel is worthy of acknowledgement then please complete the voting form details below.

If you would like additional information on participation, or a further run down of the awards process then please get in touch with awards coordinator Jessie Wilson directly via [email protected] or  44 (0) 203 970 0033

Best of luck!

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UAE Business Awards 2020

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