The Middle East is home to some of the largest oil and natural gas industries in the world. Because of this, economies in this region have flourished notoriously over the past few decades with other industries such as banking and finance, education/academia, healthcare and insurance and travel, tourism and hospitality following suit to create one what was, and still is, of the most powerful and influential business regions in the world despite the recent difficulties faced in some areas.

Introduced in 2015, MEA Business Awards hosted by MEA Markets are back to celebrate the copious amounts of diverse talent that can be found in this region.

These awards are an opportunity to honour those whose dedication and hard work have strived to sustain the region’s dominant status within the business world.

Since their inception in 2015, we have awarded many businesses from all over the MEA region no matter the size of the business itself. We actively encourage businesses of all sizes to get involved as we scout out the best of the best from all corners of the region.

By participating in the MEA Business Awards a business can showcase to employees that their effort on a day to day basis is recognised and appreciated while also having proof of your recent accolade to display to both new and existing clients.

With multiple award categories in place, including overall business management, growth, products and services offered, and the possibility to highlight specific achievements by individuals in the region the MEA Business Awards proven to be an awards programme suitable for all.

The MEA Business Awards are proudly a merit-based awards programme, where the judge’s decision is only influenced by the achievements of the business and as opposed to many nominations are received.

Once votes are received, nominees will be contacted by the awards co-ordinator Chloe so they can confirm their involvement within the programme and enquire about our awards process before being moved onto our shortlist.

The companies which go on to be successful are presented with several options for further exposure. These include being involved in the annual celebratory, having a mention in our A to Z directory and being included on the MEA website.

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MEA Business Awards 2019

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If you believe that you deserve acknowledgement for your hard work over the past 12 months, or you know someone that does, please let us know by submitting a nomination via our voting form below.