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African Excellence Awards 2022 21 Jun22374 Sewage and water treatment is a glamourless but essential line of work, contributing an invaluable public service in the name of health & safety. Scarab Water is an internationally recognised leader in sewage treatment technology and, with such an incredible dedication to its work, it is considered the gold standard. In the wake of reduced government commitment to offering formal waterborne sewerage systems, Scarab Water was established in 2001, focusing on the water recycling industry to design and install domestic wastewater treatment systems. Housing was booming, and products like Scarab quickly became popular and is one of the few systems still standing. Scarab Water is different – it is the product of a great deal of research and reflection, with a team that ensures it understands everything about what is on the market and what features passed/failed. From there, it innovates, taking concepts and ideas with a proven track record of success and builds upon them to make products that stand clear of the competition. This was the case with its prototype. Scarab Water added its design to an existing concept of a water system and installed this trial unit on the property of an architect. The results were incredible as it outperformed any other system on the market, effortlessly passing independent tests by Umgeni water and Durban Metro. Thus, setting the sky-high standard of Scarab Water’s work from then onwards. Scarab Water offers clients a product it knows will perform well. It guarantees its clients, from lone mining sites and retirement estates to eco-villages or single homes, the greatest quality at the best price. Its work is incredibly adaptable, to the point where it can install and implement its solutions to pre-existing infrastructure with minimal lag or issue. Meaning it can get involved with installing a new system into a new development and come to update or replace a pre-existing one with one of its highly efficient solutions. Scarab Water further differentiates because it cares and is thorough. When it works with a water treatment system, it ensures it considers multiple factors of not just how to fit for the purpose their system is, but the effect it has on the local environment. It makes observations regarding bacteria and any odours whilst also noting the water’s colour to establish if nature is happy, knowing that a careful balance is required. Its service is one of the best available and it would like to see more products reach its standards in functionality and environmental impact. It stands by the idea that only those that can achieve proven, consistent compliance should be able to market their products. Scarab Water has advocated for this for years, ensuring it operates to the same high standard it believes the industry should be held to. The pandemic saw some of Scarab Water’s journey come to a stop. The situation meant it had to put its expansion into the rest of Africa on hold, and its ambitions were temporarily scaled back until the situation stabilised. Now it seeks to return to bringing its top-notch systems across the continent. It is prepared to make an expansion into the Western Cape, having representatives already in the area eager to go; it also looks to re-establish its service in Botswana. There will always be a general need for quality treatment systems, particularly among corporations. Scarab Water intends to be there every step of the way, providing its brand of innovative and highly efficient handiwork. Additionally, with an environmental policy on waste, Scarab Water knows its efforts in setting the standard are being recognised, and will be followed industry-wide. Scarab Water’s work thus far has earned it the title of Best Wastewater Treatment Solutions Provider for Southern Africa. Its expansion across the region and its top-tier service will attract even more accolades in the future. Contact: Steve Nicol Company: Scarab Water Web Address: Best Wastewater Treatment Solutions Provider – Southern Africa Waste Water Treatment Luxury Essentials Bespoke trophy: 345 GBP Slate trophy: 345 GBP Wall plaque: 345 GBP Personalised digital logo: 245 GBP Personalised digital certificate: 245 GBP Full page editorial: 395 GBP Visit to Subscribe