UAE Business Awards 2023

27 Most Impactful School Community Initiative of the Year -UAE families with a complete 360-degree career counselling service, exclusive university workshops, study fairs, and webinars. To augment this, institutional partnerships provide dedicated university scholarships for GEMS students with an estimated total value of 298M AED. Every GEMS school has access to the best technology to research, track, and monitor university choices via the universal higher education destination platform Unifrog. Students also have opportunities to gain university credits while still at school and take advantage of immersive, overseas summer programmes. With an estimated 400,000 GEMS students located globally, GEMS Education knows the power of networking and how crucial it is to leverage personal connections. It also knows the value of providing its students with a readymade network of hundreds of thousands of fellow alumni, opening up a world of opportunities and benefits. GEMS Rewards leverages the existing programmes and partnerships to benefit members with a host of lifestyle services that will cover everything from holiday and dining offers to health and wellbeing support. “Alumni are great role models for current students and are often well placed to offer practical support to students as they start their careers,” Matthew says. “Alumni are often in the position to engage the expertise of the institution in their professional lives.” GEMS for Life allows alumni to: be part of a 400,000-strong alumni community based in every country in the world, and network with more than 20,000 users under the GEMS For Life alumni app. They can explore global and endless opportunities through networking, engage through events, social media, school visits, and webinars, and give back to the GEMS students of today by sharing experiences. The UAE provides the perfect opportunity for GEMS for Life to work alongside some of the best and most forward-thinking companies and universities in the world. “We work in a country that attracts some of the brightest and innovative minds in the world who will inspire the generations of the future,” Matthew says. “We are very fortunate to be based here, and to have the partners we are working with to make this highly ambitious project an impactful reality for our students.” Recently, as testament to the hard work it has put in to helping so many students, GEMS for Life was named Most Impactful School Community Initiative of the Year in the UAE Business Awards 2023. Now, as the landscape of global jobs evolves rapidly, schools must respond to ensure they are providing their children with an insight into the opportunities they have. These opportunities extend through options at school, to choices at university, and then different opportunities people have throughout their lives. “This is where GEMS for Life really excels as it is the ‘guide by the side’ that everyone in the GEMS Education family has access to,” concludes Matthew. “We have lots of exciting plans for developing GEMS for Life, as we work with the students of today to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.” Contact: Matthew Tompkins Company: GEMS For Life – GEMS Education Web Address: A GEMS for Life student on her medical internship with her workplace and partner (Yspot) mentors.