UAE Business Awards 2023

UAE Business Awards 2023 Best Perfume Lab & Accessory Company 2023 AllBeauty FZC (AllBeauty) works with most prestigious perfume factories, house of perfumes, perfume companies, and celebrities in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) who are looking for high quality solutions for fragrances and perfumery components. We speak to the company’s Managing Director, Mohamed El Jariri following its stellar win in the UAE Business Awards 2023. Working with the most prestige perfume manufacturers and perfume brands in the Middle East region, AllBeauty’s mission is to help its customers to source the best components for their perfume projects, helping them to create their perfumes according to their concept and budget, with big opportunities to save money using its complete solutions and best prices in the market. Loyal and happy customers of AllBeauty frequently receive new samples and new innovation ideas in the industry to help them create a product with the best standards and the highest quality in the market – within the realms of their unique vision. From North Africa to Canada, to France and now in Dubai, Managing Director, Mohamed El Jariri, has been immersed for the last 24 years in the conceptualisation and creation of more than 100 new perfumes. Having previously worked as a perfume consultant for high-end fashion houses, artists, hotels, and resorts, some of Mohamed’s perfumes are now hit items in some of the Middle East’s finest perfume stores. Mohamed elaborates to tell us more about the techniques AllBeauty employs to ensure success each and every time. “Our strategy is to understand our customers’ needs by listening carefully to what they are looking for,” he begins. “We start by asking questions with regard to their existing brand and products, such as how they chose their perfumes, what is their market and target audiences, and what is the price and budget? We take note of all the comments in order to assess and come up with a solution to design and customise for them.” Now at AllBeauty as an agent and distributor of Aptar Pumps, Euroscent, and Canadian Greenfield Alcohol, Mohamed offers complete solutions for high-end perfumery from everything from fragrance, to glass bottles, aluminium bottles, caps, pumps, and collars, to full project conceptualising. The Euroscent brand is headed up by perfumer, Abdelmounaim El Jariri, and it is a key offering for AllBeauty. As one of the leading perfume labs with the best fragrance collection of the world, Euroscent offers unique and creative solutions for those starting a new perfume creation or looking for a specific fragrance. Bringing his expansive global knowledge with him, Mohamed also helps AllBeauty to represent and distribute alcohol for fragrance, hair, and cosmetics use of Greenfield Global (Canada). Greenfield is a leading global supplier to the food, flavour, and fragrance markets, offering a wide range of solvents and a variety of specialty alcohols, including GMO-free and Organic. “When it comes to any ingredient that goes into food, flavours, or fragrances, the highest quality is of paramount importance to our customers as even subtle differences in ingredients can make a huge difference to the end product,” elaborates Mohamed. “That’s why we test orders internally to ensure the highest level of quality and control. Our lab capabilities range from simple wet chemistry to sophisticated metals testing on our ICP-MS instruments.” Finally, Anha Creations, Allbeauty’s Design agency and partner based in Paris, supplies renowned luxury companies and innovative brands with quality designs, products, and packaging, from design to manufacture. As unique storytellers, the agency can produce anything from product and graphic design to photographs and videos, too. It is these little touches and the attention to detail that AllBeauty puts into its clients’ conceptualisations that really help to set it aside from others, however Mohamed tells us that when it comes to competitors, the firm deals with things a little differently. “We like competition – it keeps us awake and aware of everything in this industry,” Mohamed enthuses. “As Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum said in his book ‘My Story’, “Competition always makes you stronger and better”, and “If you don’t have a competitor, compete with yourself.” He continues, “We like to collaborate with our competitors and use each other’s solutions to serve our customers better. Instead of haggling the prices and copying each other’s ideas or innovations, we collaborate smartly with competitors because it has many advantages. To give you an example, if I buy a product from my competitor with a good price and resell it to my customer, I can make money without investing from my capital; I can use the stock of my competitors. Imagine how much we can save in money, in logistics, and in time!” Currently, the United Arab Emirates is very much a country of success and it is investing in strong and long-visioned infrastructures to make a fair environment of work for both the investors and for the buyers, and Mohamed believes that the company is very lucky to be based in such a fair and advantageous country. For this reason, the talent in the region is unrivalled and there is a wealth of skilled and knowledgeable people looking for roles. Despite never choosing staff based on their experience, Mohamed has a very different criteria for potential candidates to fulfil to ensure they are correctly aligned with AllBeauty’s vision and values. “We focus on human qualities more than experiences,” Mohamed states. “We chose the person not an employee. We have a strong training programme to help our staff to be aligned as all should talk the same language and deliver the message to our customers.” It appears that this investment in its people has paid off, for in the last five years only one employee has left the firm out of some 30 staff members. Establishing a family atmosphere at work, Mohamed tells us that he wants everyone to wake up and come to work with a smile, giving a positive impression to customers and spreading positive energy throughout the company. Thanks to this sunny outlook, AllBeauty was recently recognised in the UAE business Awards 2023 and bestowed with the title of Best Perfume Lab & Accessory Company 2023 – a very fitting accolade indeed and one of which the firm is unduly worthy. With the future looking bright, Mohamed cannot afford to rest on his laurels in such a fiscally turbulent global economy, and must keep on track to deliver three new