UAE Business Awards 2023

UAE Business Awards 2023 Best Luxury Perfume House 2023 By Cloud Fragrance is an Emirati luxury perfume house that blends together natural ingredients with the art, passion and, some say, sheer wizardry of the best perfumers in the world. We spoke to By Cloud Fragrance’s Nasser Alhaj to find out more about the company’s offerings and dedication to excellence. The luxury sphere, regardless of market, demands only the best. After all, the industry is defined by its ability to differentiate itself from the average, the expected, the usual. By Cloud Fragrance has become a true leader in the perfume space – which is impressive by all accounts, and only elevated when you consider the nature of the UAE’s market dominance. That is to say that, By Cloud Fragrance stands apart even among those defined by world-leading standards. For Nasser, By Cloud Fragrance has been built on a robust set of values, which have been diligently followed since its establishment. “Our core values are to use only the finest natural ingredients, to create products that surpass international standards in the perfume industry, to ensure customer satisfaction at all costs, and to promote the ‘Made in the UAE’ vision of our leaders.” There’s something very romantic and almost primordial about By Cloud Fragrance and its approach to business. There’s a drive there that embraces its industry and sector wholeheartedly, a passion that cannot be denied, as Nasser explains in more detail. “We see a love story that continues to unfold over the millennia, a tale of the eternal bond between Earth and Ether (the sky). Destined to gaze at each other for eternity, Earth and Ether found a special way to send scented messages to each other. Earth’s love notes travel up through water vapours from her oceans, seas, lakes and rivers, and invisible particles from her mountains, valleys, deserts and forests. The flowers and trees perfume her messages with their unique fragrances. “When these aromatic wisps reach Ether, they fuse into beautiful soft, white letters of pure love that we call clouds. Ether, in turn, sends his replies through cloudbursts – his emotions evident by the gentleness or strength of the downpour. As the raindrops embrace Earth, they release a multitude of fragrances, which, once again, rise up as invocations of love from Earth to Ether. Cloud Fragrance pays tribute to this beautiful and eternal love story of Nature with a unique collection of unisex perfumes, each made from all-natural oils and essences.” When it comes to writing about businesses such as By Cloud Fragrance, there’s absolutely an element of needing to jump right in, so let’s take a look at some of this perfume house’s best selling and most innovative products. AFTER THE RAIN - LIMITED EDITION The splendour of mystery that combines freshness and elegance.. A warm fragrance and aromatic harmony full of smells of Dubai land after the rain! The scent of perfume gives you a ticket that enables you to explore and experience the wonders and beauty of nature. Inspired by nature, this fragrance captures a refreshing and pure scent of the rain mixed with the dust of Dubai after a journey that makes it rich with forest dew drops, a host of masterpieces of oceans and mountains, and fragrant flowers. Its introduction carries whiffs of Saffron, Lavender and Bergamot that give you a soft velvet feeling, drawing you into an inspiration of a revolutionary period of time. These exciting aromatic ingredients create a refreshing and captivating mixture. Its heart is composed of a variety of ingredients: Tobacco, Cedar and Amber, but most notably is Tobacco, which gives it a strong and rich smell. As a deeper addition to the sea of beautiful aroma, the base of fragrance composed of leather, Oud and Patchouli. This luxury is elegantly combined with a very effective effect for relaxation and meditation. The perfume is bottled in a charming pearly shape and color to reflect its interesting gleam that tells the magic of Dubai after a rainy day. TOP NOTES: LAVENDER MIDDLE NOTES: TOBACCO / WOOD DRY-DOWN NOTES: PATCHOULI / LEATHER / DAHN AL OUD AMAYA Tenderness and softness AMAYA derived its name from the Japanese language, that means “heavy night rain”, which makes you seize the moments of your life by inhaling the smell of rain at night! The opening comes with the scent of pineapple fruit along with the floral aroma, while the heart is composed of dried roses and jasmine with messages of the scent of the Rose flower. The base then comes from Caramel, Patchouli and Amber in a union with the wooden element which reflects the smell of Indian Cynodon giving unprecedented calmness and relaxation. AMAYA fragrance is characterized by a charming warmth that is similar to the warm wind off a tropical island on a rainy night. It also has a rare scent of dried flowers that gives you an unparalleled sweetness for a romantic floral and fruity fragrance. Put simply, Amaya is a special perfume. TOP NOTES: MUGUET MIDDLE NOTES: DRY ROSE DRY-DOWN NOTES: AMBER / VETIVER / CARAMEL HATTAN Exclusiveness and excitement of feelings (Hattan) perfume is an aromatic top that resembles a whiff of light continuous rain with a sparkling refreshing touch and a fragrant aroma that gives you ready to enjoy your time, creates an aromatic aura that is characterized by purity and exclusivity, sensational and gives you strong attraction! Hattan perfume offers you floral signature of rose, jasmine and iris, for an exciting and enthusiastic experience. In the foreground it is lit with precious sandalwood and distinctive spices with a generous dose and a delicate fruity harmony, while the heart is brightened with the radiance of iris, rose and jasmine, and in order to obtain a more pronounced flavor, the base is made up of patchouli, luxurious and vibrant oud and vanilla that express a strong awakening, in addition to amber The musk that gives it the strength that comes from a profound alliance gives a contrast between freshness, warmth and richness, as it boasts the enchanting spirit of similarity of its components. TOP NOTES: ROSE, JASMINE, IRIS MIDDLE NOTES: SANDALWOOD,MUSK BASE NOTES: PATCHOULI, OUD, VANILLA, AMBER 18⁰C Power of Sense This fragrance, which is derived from the components of nature, captures a pure and refreshing aroma. It gives a strong and rich sensation of sweetness and sourness at the same moment, giving a deeper aromatic experience to anyone who has a high taste in the world of perfumes. Its name was inspired by the rain-fed temperature. The ingredients of this fragrance were in natural harmony; rich in the aroma of the sweet, charming orange blossoms and the fresh Bergamot, which in turn give the