UAE Business Awards 2023

UAE Business Awards 2023 Fajar Realty (Fajar) has cultivated a strong reputation as a leading international real estate agency since its establishment, under the guidance of Founder and CEO, Ms. Kiran Khawaja. Following the firm’s dual recognition in the awards programme, we spoke with Kiran to find out more about Fajar and its many achievements. he UAE offers a cornucopia of real estate options for both investors and buyers. Indeed, the industry has thrived and grown over the last two decades to be a colossal market on the world stage. With such competition in the real estate space and supplementary sectors, agencies need to offer best in class services to distinguish themselves. Enter Fajar Realty and Kiran, who have endeavoured to excel in all avenues and exceed all expectations. “At Fajar Realty, we deal with more than just property; understanding the persona and character of individual luxury properties, we match you with your perfect match – a place where you’ll get the solution to your real estate problems. “Fajar’s team has demonstrated proven records of professional success and accomplishment in a short period. The company is multi-cultural, having staff from both English and Arabic backgrounds. That’s why, after crazy years of hard work, Fajar is what it should be today.” The region-leading reputation is made all the more impressive when you consider that Fajar is a relatively young company, enjoying its initiating steps towards future growth. Established in early 2021 with a handful of team members, it has celebrated a plethora of industry accolades and achievements in the two years since, as Kiran moves on to discuss. Almost immediately, the company started making waves and securing awards as top brokers in one of the prestige developments in Dubai, UAE. The company received enormous awards and was consistent as one of the top performers in Damac. We are very confident that this success will continue as we move forward on this journey. In these two years, the company has succeeded and will continue to rise and earn respect in the industry. We are proud to achieve such outstanding achievements in a short time.” While Kiran’s influence is clear, let’s take a moment to shine a light on the greater team, who have all played a significant role in ensuring that her vision for Fajar comes to fruition. “Fajar has a very young, talented and eager team whose goals are to give each client the care and knowledge they deserve. Fajar Realty is known worldwide for innovative and exciting new construction projects that give its clients good investment options. We always go the extra mile to make sure that the process of buying your home is a good one. Our experienced agents provide excellent service by guiding buyers and sellers through the challenging market until the final sales agreement is made. We are very proud of our agents, who do everything they can to find you the perfect home and “make it happen” motto, as well as their knowledge of the UAE market, extensive client base, and more than a decade of experience. Ultimately, the UAE real estate market is one of perpetual growth, and it relies on firms and agencies that can meet its pace and deliver extraordinary services to an eager market. Over the last two years, Fajar has made a clear mark on this industry, impressing peers, competitors and clients with its natural expertise, strong company culture, and next-level leadership. For the client, the team ensures consistent, comprehensive service, which has secured it the coveted ‘Client Service Excellent Award’ within the UAE Awards. With all these pieces in mind, the future of Fajar is one of continued excellence, as it meets the demands of clients across the UAE. As the last couple of years have been notoriously challenging, the team at Fajar are well-equipped to develop under more favourable, less uncertain, conditions, using the tools and processes that have been “Kiran’s skills and her team’s dedication helped Fajar Realty to stand out when the odds were stacked against them. In a short period, Fajar Realty has achieved a position that its competitors still need to achieve.” - Company spokesperson T Best International Real Estate Agency 2023 & Client Service Excellence Award 2023 Fajar Realty “At Fajar Realty, we go beyond just selling properties. We understand each luxury property’s unique character and persona and work to match you with the perfect solution to your real estate needs.” - Kiran Khawaja, Founder and CEO