UAE Business Awards 2021

52 MEA MARKETS / UAE Business Awards 2021 , Feb21408 Guildhall is one of the most respected HR and Headhunting Consultancies of theMENA region, internationally renowned for its unique and client-centric service. We take a closer look at the firmas it celebrates its recent success at the UAE Business Awards 2021. Best HR Consultancy 2021 Built on more than thirty years of industry experience, Guildhall is a leading HR and Headhunting Consultancy of the MENA region, trusted by candidates and companies for its elite service paired with profound knowledge of the region’s HR and recruiting sectors. Covering the MENA and Asia Pacific area, Guildhall has evolved into an elite service that meets the expectations of its clients with services in HR, Recruitment and Career Counselling, in addition to its innovative and exclusive membership program, Guildhall VAULT. Guildhall was founded by colleagues of more than a decade, Tom Baird and Rami Nahim, who have created a unique consultancy with a philosophy of understanding at its core. At its inception, the firm’s unique recruitment methodology saw it win work with companies working on projects valued up to $10 billion, laying the strong foundations for a respected reputation that has grown consistently ever since. Recognising that clients have diverse needs that vary according to the individual requirements of key stakeholders of different businesses, Guildhall strives to thoroughly understand each individual and their needs, so as to secure a solution that best fits the needs of the collective. Similarly, for individuals looking to enhance their personal career growth, Guildhall seeks to gain a profound understanding of the client, establishing their end goal and working backwards to create clear strategies with that end goal in mind. It is a process that has been honed and refined over the last decade, resulting in a reputation for excellence and a highly satisfied clientele that covers the UAE; a significant location on the world map where east meets west and where individuals from across the world are drawn to settle down and build a life in a multicultural hub of talent and ideas spanning multiple industries. As a result, the UAE has had one of the most effective and efficient responses to the Covid-19 pandemic in the world. However, the repercussions have been unavoidable, particularly in regard to relocation. Typically a very transient region that relies heavily on international markets for new talent, the difficulties faced by other countries in controlling the spread of Coronavirus and the consequent restrictions in border control has seen new talent entering the UAE decrease significantly. However, this has also led to a surge in demand for local talent which in turn leads to a rise in salaries and greater opportunities available to those within the UAE. As a result, Guildhall has seen a similar surge in demand for its Career Counselling services for those looking to seize opportunities, while companies are calling upon Guildhall to reinvigorate their HR policies to be more in keeping with the new work culture that has been brought about by the pandemic. To deal with this surge, Guildhall designed its online Career Counselling sessions, giving clients based all over the world easy access to Guildhall’s world-class team of experts in one-to-one sessions in just a matter of clicks. Indeed, it is the strength of the team that Tom and Rami largely hold responsible for the success of their company. Led by the culture of stability, cooperation and familiarity that the co-founders have fostered both internally and externally of their company through their own strong partnership, Guildhall is defined by its profit-sharing system that ensures every member of staff feels valued in their role in keeping Guildhall operating at its optimum condition. New team members are recruited for their fit in the team culture rather than their experience, as Guildhall’s first- rate inhouse training ensures every member is appropriately equipped as well as genuinely passionate about fulfilling their role. The innate ability to learn quickly and build relationships is not something that can be taught and is therefore a crucial attribute in any potential candidate. The result is a strong, forward- thinking company that is taking on 2021 with enthusiasm, expanding its divisions to keep up with demand in the UAE and KSA, and utilising its signature innovation to deliver new products and services that meet the needs of its clients. In January, Guildhall launched VAULT in response to the squeeze on global economies, a membership program that reduces daily expenses. In just two months, more than twenty leading partners had already signed up. Today, the membership base numbers more than 500 and counting, establishing it as one of the premier memberships in the UAE. Contact: Rami Nahim Company: Guildhall Web: Guildhall