UAE Business Awards 2021

46 MEA MARKETS / UAE Business Awards 2021 , Feb21407 To dance is to share something deep within ourselves. Through dance, we can express emotions and ideas, concepts beyondmere words. The teambehind Strikers Dance & Entertainment Services have achieved all this andmore under the capable leadership of CEO Padma Ramachandran. We take a look at her, and her business to understand how it has been able to thrive inMEAMarkets’ UAE Business Awards 2021. MEA Magazine Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 & Most Pioneering Dance Entertainment Enterprise 2021 The UAE has taken pride of place as one of the world’s most rapidly growing economies, drawing on a strong mix of different heritages and cultures to achieve an environment of enormous opportunity. With the leadership of Padma Ramachandran to guide them, the team at Strikers Dance & Entertainment Services have been able to make an enormous difference the way in which the world sees the UAE’s entertainment industry. The guiding principle of Strikers Dance & Entertainment Services is the determination use create innovative and unique concepts that make a real difference to the way in which the dance industry is seen. The team believe that they can achieve much more mileage in this way than using old tried and tested methods. This approach has opened the door to numerous opportunities for the talented crew, introducing the UAE to a number of reality shows that are aired on MENA region’s No. 1 Indian Channel, ZEE Network. The growth of Strikers Dance & Entertainments Services when it comes to reality shows is due, in no small part to the tireless efforts and effervescent personality that is the company’s CEO, Padma Ramachandran. Her drive and tenacity for the introduction of unique concepts to this field has earned her the nickname of Queen of Reality Shows in MENA Region. This drive has pushed many in the company to do what they had never considered possible before, leading to even more success. Through being unique, Padma and her team have been able to reach an extraordinary range of different people, standing alone in the industry for their work. This has brought them to many people’s attention, and has allowed them to reach entirely new audiences. While the firm started out offering various forms of dance training, the new focus of reality shows and ground activities within the entertainment industry has been a key part of the company’s growth. The UAE has done an extraordinary job of tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s the response to this, as well as the ambitious Mission to Mars that demonstrate the country’s impressive path to growth. This growth is immensely valuable to business, offering companies such as Strikers Dance & Entertainments Services the opportunities they need to grow too. The nature of the region, with its multicultural people, mean that the rules of the UAE are significantly different to other countries in the Gulf Region. The team are free to explore many avenues which other competitors simply can’t. The team’s approach to the business is one that follows a more individualistic attitude because everyone must play their own, unique part in ensuring success. The success of Strikers Dance & Entertainments Services comes from Padma Ramachandran’s determination to empower others in this way. She has created an environment which enables her staff to perform to the very highest level. While much of this success comes from finding people who can rise to the table, the level of integration that goes into every team member is key to ensuring the smooth running of the business. While many are struggling to keep up with the trends of the day, Padma and the team at Strikers Dance & Entertainment Services are pushing into bold new frontiers, offering an exciting vision of the future to many. It’s this innovative thread that keeps Padma and her company at the cutting edge. Company: Strikers Dance & Entertainment Services Name: Padma Ramachandran Email: [email protected] Web Address: com/c/ThePadmaShow/videos