UAE Business Awards 2021

42 MEA MARKETS / UAE Business Awards 2021 , Apr21173 Established by award-winning Emirati director, Ahmed Al Mutawa in 2015, Double Exposure Productions (DXP) enhances visual storytelling with its unique combination of creativity, professionalism, teamwork, and deep understanding of local Emirate culture, making it adept at meeting the demand and growth of international markets. Best Visual Storytelling Media Company – Dubai The way DXP approaches each and every day reflects its attitude and philosophy: it aims to expose the world to contemporary Emirati culture while adhering to the highest possible standards in film and design, delivering a stunning motion picture that has never been achieved before. Its dedicated feature film department has been established to service independent and studio productions, specialising in facilitating as well as developing feature films from start to finish. Its believes that the best work thrives in culture and communication, and is driven by the unreasonable power of creativity and collaboration with influential figures, artists, directors and producers across the globe to develop full-service, quality films that are timeless, genre- defying, and convey a strong social message to viewers worldwide. Its directors have won numerous awards and gained international recognition for their work. DXP works together with a wide variety of international clients. In the UAE, it produces films for the Abu Dhabi General Secretariat of the Executive Council, Dubai Economy, Dubai Future Foundation, Sharjah Investment and Development Authority, Sharjah Media City, Ministry Of health & Prevention, and Mubadala. In the USA, it creates motion pictures with Google, Facebook, and Chevrolet. Noteworthy is DXP’s promotional film, “Invest in Sharjah”, commissioned by Invest in Sharjah Office as part of its marketing collateral, and the winner of a coveted prize at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in 2017. Out of almost 1,000 entries, “Invest in Sharjah”, a film linked to work ethics and local Emirati culture, was selected as the winner of the Dolphin Trophy in the category “Marketing Communication – B2B”. In close collaboration with Shurooq project team, DXP developed the production which exceeded expectations by placing Sharjah on the world map for sustainable business development. This isn’t the only award that DXP has been the winner of at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards; it deservingly won a further 7 times in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. DXP believes in a good story told with style, and with its knowledge and expertise in filmmaking, it oversees the storyline, production design, acting, performance and all other details in its never-ending quest for perfection. Meanwhile, its animations team is a diverse group of artists and creative directors; from a hand drawn to a photorealistic CGI, it brings ideas to life through the use of movement, storytelling and timing. Offering a complete solution for clients’ film production, DXP provides four stages of content creation: strategic planning, concept development, full-service production, and media planning. First, strategic planning involves developing a full brief and strategy in collaboration with clients. This helps all partners involved to develop the best concept that matches their requirements and reaches their specific target audience. Secondly, DXP provides inhouse creative concept development. Based on the brief, the company will provide full creative services with its extensive network of creative directors and writers. Next is full-service production, where DXP provides a one- stop shop solution for film and photo production with detailed presentation, script, shot list, timing and approval process of creating a deliverable product that fulfils expectations. If the client does not have the experience in filmmaking, DXP will make sure they understand the entire process. The last stage is media planning where it is time to show the finished film to the world! Whether the client wants it to be displayed on their website or social media, or ad space on global television, DXP will set it all up for them. All in all, DXP is clearly a company that excels in what it does, striving to create exceptional content that consistently wows clients and their audiences, and it plans to continue doing just that. Company: Double Exposure Productions - DXP Contact: Ahmed Al Mutawa Website: