UAE Business Awards 2021

40 MEA MARKETS / UAE Business Awards 2021 , Mar21620 GEMS FirstPoint School, based in Dubai, is the right choice for tomorrow’s leaders. Happy childrenmake for the best learners, and GEMS FirstPoint School has established a welcoming and friendly environment where learners are inquisitive, growing both socially and academically. Discover more about this school as we take a closer look. Most Inclusive School 2021 Since its establishment, GEMS FirstPoint School has sought to create a welcoming and friendly environment where learners are inquisitive, growing both socially and academically. The school is family-oriented and prides itself on the individualised journey that it provides for its learners. The academic and leadership teams at GEMS FirstPoint School enable its family of students to excel in an ever-changing world. Every moment here is an exciting voyage, busting with exploration and discovery. Everyone from pupils to parents, to teachers and their assistants are active members of a cohesive team that works together to construct a bespoke pathway for each learner. GEMS FirstPoint School creates exceptional learning opportunities for all members of its school family, developing innovative leaders who are globally aware. The school also provides a well-rounded education and is proud to be the GEMS Centre of Excellence for Digital Industries. Together, they prepare learners for a future that reflects their highest aspirations. The school’s ethos focusses on five key areas. The first of these focuses on ensuring that family, and all of the values associated with this, is first. The school recognises that students everywhere should care about one another. As a family, everyone has a chance to learn from each another and care for one another. Each and every learner is provided with the opportunities, skills and knowledge needed to succeed in an ever-changing and increasingly digital world. GEMS FirstPoint School ensures that the appropriate support and training is facilitated for the school’s wider family members as well, ensuring that everyone can adapt to the evolving demands of the 21st century and the fourth industrial revolution. Leading on from that first key area, the second focuses on creating Happy, Engaged, and Inquisitive Learners. GEMS FirstPoint School provides its learners with the courage and confidence to push and exceed traditional expectations. At the school, staff support the development of all aspects of a student to develop well- rounded individuals who will succeed in the world of work. As a result, these learners are inquisitive, innovative, creative, collaborative, critically receptive, and strong communicators. The third core area is that of being involved in Cutting-Edge Digital Innovation. GEMS FirstPoint School ensures that its learners have direct access to some of the biggest corporations in the world through the close partnerships they have developed. Learners are invited to be immersed in the most innovative technology, allowing them to enter employment as digital leaders from day one. The final two core areas, deliver on promises to give each student An Individualised Learning Journey, and Infinite Opportunities. Through the former, all learners will be pushed and stretched whilst working at a pace that suits them. GEMS FirstPoint School listens and works collaboratively with all parties, including the learner, to blend traditional and industry-standard qualifications in order to maximise learner outcomes, making them the most attractive graduates when they reach the point of employment. Infinite Opportunities is at the core of the school thanks to the focus on allowing each student to flourish socially, emotionally, and academically. The safety and wellbeing of learners is also paramount in every opportunity that is provided to them. GEMS FirstPoint School is incredibly proud to deliver on every one of its promises to students, ensuring that they are welcomed into an inclusive environment where every child is challenged and supported to make exceptional progress based on the context of their ability and unique learning style. At this school, teaching and learning accommodates all learners and removes barriers to success. With a wide-reaching curriculum, strong inclusivity and diversity, and an ethos around happiness, compassion, empathy, and self- confidence, GEMS FirstPoint School is a truly wonderful place to learn. Company: GEMS FirstPoint School Contact: Matthew Tompkins Website: