UAE Business Awards 2021

34 MEA MARKETS / UAE Business Awards 2021 , Mar21010 Dr. Leila Soudah Clinic specialises inwomen’s health, namely obstetrics, gynaecology, and fertility. With a holistic approach, Dr Leila aims to empower all women and treat not just the presenting symptoms, but the individual as a whole by utilising the latest in technological advances in the field. Best Cosmetic Gynecology Specialist 2021 It all began in 1999 when, after 20 years of studying and working in Germany, Dr Leila Soudah moved to Dubai and founded her home clinic. What started out as a small clinic facility in Deria, the business subsequently expanded, eventually moving into a two-story villa in Jumeirah. Dr Leila Soudah Clinic has gained certification of ISO 9001:2015 and is largely recognised by DOHMS Dubai as the first private healthcare facility to achieve Quality Management Services. She also operates a DAC ISO 15189:2012 laboratory which has also received a Certificate of Award and Plaque of Appreciation from the Dubai Health Authority. It is not simply patients in the United Arab Emirates who enlist Dr Soudah’s help, as the good doctor also caters to all women and families who travel to the country seeking the high standards of healthcare it has to offer. “The reason behind my success is that I integrate functional, holistic medicine to be an important part of my operations,” Dr Soudah begins. “To increase the success of a cosmetic operation in the female part of a women, you need to make sure that she feels great from in out. Treating her holistically will help in wound healing, mood and so on.” It is clear that every member of the clinic’s team cares about the welfare of the patients. After looking into a woman’s health holistically in order to treat the root cause and not just the symptoms of their sickness, Dr Soudah provides patients with a tailored treatment plan specifically geared to each and every individual, which provides positive long term results. The trend in the United Arab Emirates is seeing doctors going down the cosmetic medicine route, with many surgeries geared towards looking slimmer and looking younger, rather than focusing on how a person actually feels. This is something which Dr Soudah feels very strongly about. “In my opinion this is a very dangerous direction because we are forgetting that the beauty is coming from inside. I don’t want the new generation to be only about the looks. Beauty is to look healthy, and this means good healthy food and exercise.” Instead, Dr Soudah places emphasis on the overall health of a woman, encouraging them to take care of themselves inside and out. “In this part of the world, menopause patients are not given enough attention that as they hit the age of 50, they feel weak and stressed out due to hormonal changes and are advised to simply accept the situation and deal with it.” Dr Leila Soudah Clinic is committed to helping patients dealing with every stage of their lives, including the perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause stages, treating them with modern Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). Dr Soudah chooses her employees very wisely in order to teach them, push them, and allow them to develop to become creative and to become achievers. “I push them to share their ideas. I make sure they understand the problems that they are facing in the working place. I want them to achieve something in their lives. I choose to be a mentor and the best role model for them. I encourage them to be healthy and take care of themselves.” The COVID pandemic affected business enormously at the clinic, however Dr Soudah took all the steps necessary to ensure safety of her staff and patients, including wearing face mask, gloves, partaking in Zoom Consultation with patients, and disinfecting weekly in the clinic. Despite the setback, there were some unexpected advantages however as Dr Soudah took to social media to talk more about the role of healthy cooking, healthy living and sharing her thoughts online. This helped enormously by enabling the clinic to stay connected with its patients. As the world slowly discovers a new normal, Dr Soudah is looking to the future and is currently working on a new teaching workshop for hormone therapy as well as planning for her fellowship exams in this field at the Dr Hertoghe Medical School, Belgium. Dr Hertoghe is a preeminent author who has devoted his entire career to hormone treatment and longevity and is now committed to working improving immunity. “This is what the future all about,” enthuses Dr Soudah. “We need to change the way we treat the patient, prevention, lifestyle, and food is the future way to go. I shall continue to ensure that all women feel empowered and committed to bettering themselves – the woman is the most important element of our society.” Company: Dr Leila Soudah Clinic Contact: Dr Leila Soudah Website: