UAE Business Awards 2021

32 MEA MARKETS / UAE Business Awards 2021 , Mar21006 With Decades of experience Al Fares International Tents has successfully executed over 2000 permanent and semi-permanent structures in the UAE and across theMiddle East. In this article, we discover more about the company’s mission, achievements and future. Marquee Manufacturers of the Year 2021 - Middle East With decades of experience, Al Fares International Tents is a market leader in the temporary structure industry. The company was founded by Fares Hussien Albaddad, co-founded and collaboratively lead by his sons Hussien and Hasan. Specialized in production, engineering and installation; Al Fares has successfully executed over 2000 temporary permanent and semi-permanent structures across UAE and Middle East region, with clients widely spread across entertainment, sports, aviation, construction, commercial, industrial, government and military market sectors. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who are committed to ensure ‘top-notch’ conceptualization, planning and execution of every project. With our own Health & safety team on board, Al Fares has adopted a Zero Accident Policy at our manufacturing facility and on all active sites. In addition to that, all of our structures are manufactured using International Engineering Building Codes. During the pandemic, our focus was to ensure we retain our employees by offering them time- off from work while, our sales team diligently worked towards providing marquee solutions for the execution of temporary COVID test and vaccination centres across UAE and KSA regions. In recent past, a notable shift in client’s vision and evolving demands of the market has led to an impressive advancement in the traditional approach towards temporary structures. The design, concept and build of temporary structures is now treated very close to the making of permanent buildings, the use of creative claddings, glass, incorporation of interesting design elements and greenery are just some examples of the intricate work that marquee manufacturers are now incorporating in their structures. At our 1 million sqft manufacturing facility and warehouse we have approximately 900,000 sqm of structures ready to be rented or purchased. The core of our products are purity and strength. We use the highest quality of material combined with the efficiency and finesse to ensure durability, while maintaining high quality of safety standards. As we gear up to inaugurate our 1 million sqft manufacturing facility and headquarters in Dubai, we anticipate tremendous growth and iconic milestones that await us, while we continue to work in the quest to ‘Cover the world’. Contact: Akanksha Mathur Company: Al Fares International Tents Email: [email protected] Web: Address: Dubai Industrial City, Dubai Telephone: +971 4 344 4912