UAE Business Awards 2021

MEAMARKETS / UAE Business Awards 2021 23 Working across a number of industry verticals to develop growth strategies and using its vast network of influential business partnerships, it has made itself on part with any of the Big 4 consulting firms. Furthermore, alongside its exemplary finance services are its people management and transformation solutions. These are exemplary and industry leading, working across a wide range of sectors and businesses in order to bolster participation, team cohesion, and leadership; all of which has earned it a further accolade in the ‘Best Bespoke Advisory Firm in Transformation & People Services’ for its region. Its training and development helps its clients’ team to learn management systems and utilizes e-learning and management platforms, as well as providing the assessment and evaluation of psychometrics, training needs, and gap analysis. Between its team focused coaching, mentoring, and leadership workshops, all of which are bespoke and outstanding, it refocuses the structure of a company to be able to align it better with the business’s goals. All its services have grown and developed notably over the time it has been in operation – but during the past year, one specific direction made itself more prevalent as the pandemic saw more demand for its services from healthcare, prompting it to seek to acquire drugs and supplies directly relevant to the pandemic. In addition, it funnelled significant investment into aiding its oil and gas, retail, and BFSI clients, as all saw revenue streams hit across the board during a time where most were forced to pivot to a wholly new way of doing business. Virtus, naturally, has stepped up to the plate each time. Being based in the Middle East, it has reaped the benefits that the UAE offers businesses across the board from supportive legislation to international opportunities, meaning Virtus can participate in an global hub or banks, regional traders, technology traders, family offices, and large businesses. Moreover, Virtus’s investment platform solutions are completely unique. It identified this as a gap in the market back in 2014, and began the segment of its business venture that would have it bringing investment products and solutions from Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, and London; without Virtus, such things would not be readily available to the MEA market. It specializes in direct partnership with senior investors working on various projects, fostering daily engagement with its subject matter expect leaders, and keeping pricing significantly lower than the majority of its competition, forging a unique selling point that is hard to replicate. The internal structure of Virtus is also worthy of note. Prioritizing networking, learning, and the health of its own culture, it keeps abreast of market trends and understands the realities of its segment with the hard work of its team. It is subscribed to some of the most leading online courses, allowing it to train and educate new staff effectively, ensuring a consistency of learning across the board that has allowed this company to continually make waves. At its current trajectory, Virtus will be continuing to expand substantially within its verticals and retain its current position for 2021 in order to work within the continued travel restrictions. It is also hoping to build new alliances from its UK office in 2022. This will be following the path of its last 12 years in both public and private sectors as it keeps blazing its trail towards further success, with a new office in Portugal opening this very year. Company: VirtusGroupOf Companies Contact: Farid Ahmed Website: