2019 UAE Business Awards

MEAMARKETS / 2019 UAE Business Awards 37 , Masterminds Education Recognised Leaders in Childhood Development 2019 Thanks tomore than 60 years’ global experience in the educationmarket, Masterminds Education is able to provide award-winning early-years support to a wide variety of children. We profile the firm to learnmore about the vital services it has to offer. Drawing on its Founder’s personal experience, Masterminds Education has been a pioneer in the child development market for more than six decades. Since inception Masterminds Education has offered a joyous, enriching and integrated early learning curriculum that combines a mother’s traditional wisdom with 60 years of leading-edge research in child development to create Intellectual, Physical and Social Excellence in children between 18 months to six years. Today the firm’s daily integrated curriculum includes English, French, Arabic and optional Russian immersion, violin, gymnastics, swimming, as well as enrichment programs that nurture intellectual, physical and social excellence in all children. The specialized methodology of the firm’s enrichment programs has been proven to multiply the child’s intelligence, physical abilities and social development. The firm has a bespoke campus designed to stimulate learning in the young. Its class sizes never exceed 10 – 12 students with three adults at any given time. Besides the classroom teacher and teaching assistant who are always present in the class, the firm’s French, Arabic, Russian, Swimming, Gymnastics and Violin specialists are always rotating through the classes. All programs are conducted with smaller sub- groups with maximum of four students with ample individual attention for each child. Every staff member has been trained to understand the personality characteristics and preferences of each child and cater every program and activity to be ideally suited for them. Overall, this innovative approach to early development has helped Masterminds Education to flourish over the past 60 years, and moving forward the organisation will continue to provide award-winning education services to children from the world. Company: Masterminds Education Contact: Shamail Siddiqi Website: http://www.masterminds.ae Feb19234

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