2019 UAE Business Awards

MEAMARKETS / 2019 UAE Business Awards 25 , Biz Group Best Digital Learning Provider in the Middle East & Best Team Building Solutions Provider in the Middle East & Middle East Award for Innovation in Leadership Training 2019 Drawing on a quarter of a century’s experience in the industry, Biz Group is a leading training, digital learning and teambuilding provider. We profile the firm to find out more about the services it provides in this vital market. Having been based in the GCC for over 25 years, Biz Group is considered an ex- pert at navigating the Middle East business landscape. The company has achieved this reputation through global partnerships, next-generation technology and the development of interactive, immersive and impactful Learningjourneys™ that change the way people think and work everyday. People are and will always continue to be at the heart of everything the Biz Group does as they honour their purpose of enriching lives. The world of work is constantly changing and being disrupted by new technologies that redefine how people interact, work and learn. Biz Group has started to leverage several advances in technology such as AI, Machine Learning and even VR to put the employee at the centre of its learning. This approach allows the organizations to then create consistently in its high performing workforces, scalable learning solutions and to gather the data they need to drive the economic engine of the business. Biz Group provides learning on demand at the point of need as well as seamless integration that makes it easier for reporting and measuring ROI. They have begun to look at new and exciting international partnerships this year and is currently building the first Multi-player Virtual Reality learning training centre in the region using a program that is the first of its kind in the world. Additionally, they have launched a Virtual Reality teambuilding event and provide machine learning solutions for clients. Overall, digital learning solutions now play an important role in everything that Feb19321 Biz Group is offering and that will only increase in the coming years as the company looks to grow and expand into Saudi Arabia. Company: Biz Group Telephone: +971 4 391 4791 Web Address: www.learningwithbiz.com

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