MEAM UAE Business Awards 2018

MEAMARKETS / 2018 UAE Business Awards 97 , Best Sports Facility 2018 Dubai Stars ® Sportsplex ® is the UAE’s first permanent multi-purpose indoor sports facility that spans over 57,000 square feet. We caught up with Rasna Al Khamis, Vice-President - Sales andMarketing, to learnmore. “We at Dubai Stars ® Sportsplex ® are proud and honored to have been awarded the title of ‘Best Sports Facility 2018’ by the MEA Markets. Dubai Stars ® Sportsplex ® , an initiative of Alserkal Sports Company, LLC, was launched in 2015 with the vision of providing the community with innovative sports and leisure facilities featuring professional management and commitment towards promoting sports.” she said on the occasion of the announcements of the results. “We believe our efforts in bringing the community together by promoting healthier lifestyles, fostering ties of sportsmanship and encouraging competition across various sectors and communities has been a key reason behind our success.” she continues. The facility can support up-to eleven indoor sports namely Futsal (Indoor Football), Handball, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Throwball, Table Tennis, Cricket, Dodgeball, Netball and Tennis. The Sportsplex ® also offers various services such as leagues and tournaments, hosting large scale events, sports and fitness themed birthday parties; sports academies and classes for Karate, Zumba, Yoga etc. Rasna Al Khamis then sheds light on the company’s methodology to ensure client success, “Unlike our competitors, we believe that understanding the client’s requirement is of paramount importance. This helps us improve our offerings and make necessary modifications that ensure efficient service delivery. In order to exceed expectations, our events and customer service teams support all our clients through every step of their experience with us.” The UAE has become one of the fastest growing markets in the world and hence a lot of factors affect businesses positively as Rasna Al Khamis goes on to explain. “In recent years, the UAE has transformed into one of the most diverse regions in the world due to a massive influx of expats who now permanently reside in the country. These expats have brought with them a culture of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Additionally, the drastic rise of health issues, such as diabetes and obesity in the youth, has resulted in increased efforts by the government to better educate people and help improve their quality of life. This has proven to be a game- changer for the sports and fitness industry; and is easily the biggest advantage for us, as a multi- sports facility, in the UAE.” The incredible growth of the market has garnered increased competition and employees in the country are starting to feel the pressure and have become increasingly stressed. To tackle this issue, organizations are aggressively looking for ways to better the lives of their employees by helping them focus on improving their physical and mental health. Dubai Stars ® specializes in creating bespoke experiences for corporates - thereby allowing them to do just that. The ever increasing number of corporates has created a plethora of opportunities for Dubai Stars ® as they aim to not only promote the overall wellbeing of employees around the country, but also help improve the cohesion between teams at their workplace. With Dubai being one of the smartest cities in the world, customers are always looking for innovative and unique experiences. In the last year alone, Dubai Stars ® introduced various new activities namely a team building programs for schools, government and private organizations alike, human foosball, knocker-ball and more. Additionally, the firm also introduced new sports at the facility such as netball, throwball, dodgeball and tennis. Operating in the fast paced, ever evolving sports market, the facility has to evolve and adapt to ensure that its offerings continue to serve the community at large. Dubai Stars ® seeks to constantly research and adopt emerging technologies, to match the demands of our customers and in doing so we also support the government’s vision to build a smarter city, as Rasna Al Khamis showcases. “Dubai Stars ® Sportsplex ® is one of the most technologically advanced sports facilities in the region with state-of-the-art health and safety mechanisms, elaborate solutions for every event and an abundance of auxiliary services. We work towards building a dynamic and comprehensive experience for all our patrons that help distinguish ourselves from our competitors. Moreover, by using natural sky light during the day and automatic lights and sensors across the facility, the Sportsplex ® aims to promote an environment friendly lifestyle.” With regards to the future, Sportsplex ® has even more to offer clients as it continues to grow and expand its facilities, as Rasna Al Khamis is proud to conclude. “Currently, we are working to finalize plans for Phase 2 of our facility. Once in place, we plan to add outdoor football fields, authentic tennis and basketball courts, a sand pitch for beach volleyball and football, olympic sized swimming pools, squash and racquetball courts, cross-fit studio, multi-purpose halls and much more.” “These exciting new additions will help us to achieve our overall mission: to make the Sportsplex ® a place where all sports enthusiasts, be they amateur or professional, can enjoy their favourite sports and fitness activities with family and friends.” UA180089 Company: Alserkal Sports Company, LLC Contact: Lavin Chainani Address: P.O. Box: 441884, Dubai, UAE Phone: 00971 54 441 5144 Website: