MEAM UAE Business Awards 2018

MEAMARKETS / 2018 UAE Business Awards 93 , Best Marine Services Company 2018 Marsol International Limited is an innovative marine services company providing a range of solutions tomeet the needs of its clients. We invited DirectorMike Young to find out more. Established in 2005, Marsol specialises in offshore single point mooring (SPM) buoy terminals and its related infrastructure and provides commercial and technical marine service solutions. For over 50 years the firm has had the opportunity to be part of the evolution of the industry and as such it has been able to convert theory into practice and then add experience, which has raised its level of competency and strengths. Mike talks us through the firm’s work in more detail and how it works to ensure excellence for clients. “With over 50 years of experience in the offshore and marine environment globally, Marsol is responsive to the most basic through to complex operational engineering and maintenance projects, providing individual services tailored to the client. Offering a range of services that focus on the operational integrity of the facility and increasing the assets lifetime, thereby providing cost efficiencies, limiting downtime and reducing risk. Our highly qualified team manage local partners to deliver these ongoing programmes, always focusing on international safety and quality standards to ensure that the client and stakeholders’ reputations are protected. Every day, Marsol demonstrates its passion for solving its clients’ problems in the commercial marine environment by providing innovative, bespoke solutions based on the very best technical advice and in-depth industry knowledge. Working collaboratively with the clients’ team and third parties we ensure a safe, professional, reliable and cost efficient outcome for each project. “Through our vast service offering we provide state-of- the-art management, operation and maintenance services that preserve the marine terminal facility i.e. Single Point Mooring (SPM) or Multi- Buoy Mooring (MBM) throughout its service life. Our technical marine solutions offer a holistic approach to offshore terminals through extensive operational engineering knowledge and experience, coupled with robust project management and engineering capability. “Additionally, we provide comprehensive maritime management expertise based on the development of sound operational philosophies resulting in the optimisation of CAPEX and OPEX, concentrating on clear- cut maritime packages capable of reducing long-term OPEX exposure. Our Marine Services Division delivers sustainable marine solutions to target projects which normally include training local resources with the skills and technologies of the Marsol Group as part of our Expat Replacement Program. Our Engineering Solutions offers a comprehensive package for all Mooring and Hose Analysis for SPM terminals, including validation of third-party analysis from terminal designers. We use our operational and practical onsite experience for model validation to ensure the model output is aligned with the specific requirements of the terminal.” Within the oil and gas market, there have been many significant changes which Marsol has worked hard to adapt around, as Mike explains. “Over recent years, the market has changed considerably due to major oil and gas companies from all over the world shifting from oil and gas to alternative energy sources. The lower oil price shifted the economy’s focus away from the oil and gas industry towards other drivers of revenue. This change caused us to relook at the economies of scale and divert our concentration in servicing the client’s assets and integrity thus providing them with a minimum viable product (MVP). The MVP gives Marsol an opportunity to provide optimum service in the marketplace, focused on the reduction of operational expenditures (OPEX) without eroding the intrinsic value of the facilities.” With regards to the future, Mike foresees even greater success for Marsol as it drives continued innovation, as he concludes. “Looking ahead, our corporate aspirations for the future is to be recognised as the leading offshore & marine terminal service centre providing bespoke solutions for clients focusing on increasing production efficiency and cost efficiency. Marsol continues to focus on solutions that have a minimum impact on the environment. Our products are long lasting and environmental issues take prime consideration in our planning.” UA180076 Company: Marsol International Limited Contact: Mike Young, Director Address: FZS1 AM01 S103 South Zone Jebel Ali Free Zone, P.O. Box 17793 Jebel Ali , Dubai, UAE Phone: 00971 4 886 2822 Websites - Products: | Services: