MEAM UAE Business Awards 2018

MEAMARKETS / 2018 UAE Business Awards 69 , Best Travel Industry Software Provider - MENA develops software solutions and supplies online reservation systems to travel businesses around the world. Radu Ciubotaru tells us more. UA180055 Since its inception in 2009, has completed more than 105 implementations of its online travel system, with travel products and payment solutions from more than 120 international travel suppliers. Many of their software solutions have helped their clients become regional or global leaders in their segment of business. Radu explains how the firm has developed a client-focused approach to ensure that their solutions are tailored to meet each client’s requirement. “At, we work closely with our clients from the very beginning, our comprehensive approach ensures that we offer them a solution that meets their exact needs. We initially study their experience, targeted markets and afterwards we explore their business objectives and expectations in order to offer our smartest custom advice and find the most appropriate solution for their business needs. Thanks to this approach, our clients find in more than just a software provider, they discover a partner. We also take pride in our client’s evolution and we support them in their mission with our technology. “ The innovative solutions are provided by through a fully web based reservation system and a distribution platform, with flexible modules. More than 20,000 agents experienced their technology and thousands of travel agents use it on a daily basis. We’ve asked Radu to tell us his opinion about the award. “The award summarizes in a few words our dedication to the MENA Region for almost a decade, in implementing with a great success, up-to-date technology with bespoke features for the local travel companies in need of solutions. For the MENA Region has developed a fully featured Arabic Booking System with tailor-made characteristics, such as: Arabic localization, SADAD services, Visa support, local payment and banks, currency and many more. “ The real struggles of travel companies and some solutions “Over recent years large OTAs have conquered the market and took large amounts of business from smaller travel companies.’s team noticed how great companies with more than 20 years’ experience, failed to evolve or at least survive, since they have not adapted to the online market with fast searching and booking tools. The first step a business like this must take, is to secure its future by investing into specific technology, automatization and speed of response, solutions that can be provided only by software specifically designed for travel companies”, as Radu concludes. Company: Contact: Radu Ciubotaru – Director of Business Development Dubai Office: 12 Dubai Internet City, 4th Floor, Dubai, UAE E-mail: [email protected] Website: