MEAM UAE Business Awards 2018

MEAMARKETS / 2018 UAE Business Awards 57 , Best Geotechnical Contractor 2018 Menard Vibro is a design and build specialist geotechnical contractor offering expertise in ground improvement. We spoke to AdrienMichelin to learnmore about the firmand the services it offers to its valued clients. Founded in 1965, today Menard Vibro offers ground improvement solutions applicable to commercial and residential buildings, industrial developments, transportation, port and airports, oil and gas facilities as well as storage tanks. Adrien explores how the firm offers its clients exceptional levels of service to suit their needs. “Our company’s aim is to provide our clients geotechnical solutions enabling them to develop and build their projects in the most efficient way possible. To this effect, at Menard Vibro we rely on a portfolio of ground improvement and environmental remediation techniques, which we continuously expand through our R&D efforts and external acquisition to be able to always provide our clients with the most adapted solution to their project. Whether it is a single low rise building, a new factory, the development of a new district with several hundred houses or new offshore islands, we can assist. We are also part of the Soletanche-Freyssinet group, which is one of the leading specialized contracting group in the world. “Overall, we believe our clients recognize that when dealing with us and know they can rely on us when faced with complex technical situations, tight schedules and challenging operational environment.” Looking ahead, Adrien believes that Menard Vibro will continue to grow and prosper as it seeks to continue offering clients leading edge solutions that meet their constantly evolving needs. “In the future, we intend to continue building our relationships with our clients and develop our portfolio of techniques to adapt around some of the trends we expect to see in the future, with more solutions suitable for brownfield developments, smaller and ever more diverse projects and an ever increasing awareness about environmental issues. With our already existing solutions, ranging from usual ground improvement to high-tech environmental remediation, our established relationships with our clients and the backing of our international group, we are confident we are well armed to take on the next 20 years in the region.” UA180013 Company: Menard Vibro Contact: Adrien Michelin Address Box 36750, Dubai- UAE Phone: 00971 4 29 25700 Web Address: Best Geotechnical Contractor 2018 La Mer, Dubai (UAE)