MEAM UAE Business Awards 2018

54 MEA MARKETS / 2018 UAE Business Awards , Best Digital Consultancy 2018 Laurent ALEXANDRE Founder and Managing Director Jennifer Partner Dimoba Consultancy helps firms to optimize their digital and content strategies using data to strengthen the engagement of customers and employees. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its incredible success. UA180029 Established in 2014, Dimoba places DIgital and MOBile Agility at the centre of the business consultancy to enable companies to take profit from digital and mobile revolution. Supporting customers across a range of markets including healthcare, tourism and airlines, the firm works to ensure effectiveness and innovation to support them in the ever evolving corporate landscape. Fundamentally, Dimoba firmly believes that anything is possible, and this spirit is a true daily source of inspiration which also enabled the team to develop its live knowledge-tainment platform: Bethewone. This unique mobile digital platform enables people to smartly play all together and simultaneously live with their knowledge, creating a massive multiplayer network. Live competitions start every two minutes as well as daily live shows with presenters in flesh and bone to animate the audience. With teams based in Dubai and Paris, Dimoba is about to launch Bethewone for Arabic and English speakers by mid-2018, with the aim of emulating the success that the platform has achieved in French. This exciting development will offer the firm the chance to grow and evolve and support even more clients around the world. Company: Dimoba Consultancy DMCC Contact: Laurent Alexandre Address: Astrolabs JLT Cluster R, Dubai, PO Box 486 175, UAE Phone: 00971 56 178 9868 Website: