MEAM UAE Business Awards 2018

MEAMARKETS / 2018 UAE Business Awards 11 Best Cinema Theatre Chain 2018 - Middle East Best Cinema Theatre Chain 2018 - Middle East Since 2014, Novo has been a pioneering entertainment choice offering visitors an unforgettable cinematic experience. Bringing more than movies to the big screen, Novo is committed to providing every community a mix of bespoke entertainment options across a variety of viewing platforms including its indulgent 7-Star VIP theatres, action packed MX4D screens and the largest IMAX with Laser in the UAE and MENA region. Debbie explores the firm’s client centred approach and how this has helped drive the company to the success it enjoys today. “Here at Novo Cinemas we have a very customer-centric stance, as opposed to a business centric operation. We have built ourselves around our customers and their experiences with us which has resulted in several business opportunities. By looking to the customers to see how we can add more value to their experience, we are better placed to respond by giving them exactly what they want. Listening to our guests truly drives what we offer in each location. “Additionally, we have also been rather selective about our partners, first ensuring that their missions are in line with ours, by putting customer needs first. Today Novo is proud to be partnered with Mashreq Bank, Etisalat, Samsung Pay and Coca- Cola, who all bring value to our partnership and ultimately to our customers. “ Operating in the highly competitive UAE cinema market, Novo has had to innovate and adapt to ensure that it remains at the forefront of the latest cutting edge developments. Debbie explores how the market has changed over the years and how client expectations have continued to grow as a result. “Innovation is a cornerstone of social and economic development, key to promoting economic growth, increasing competitiveness as well as providing new job opportunities. Crucial to the continued success of organizations in the Middle East, innovation is key to the future of the UAE, the wider region and indeed the global economy. Government initiatives such as UAE Vision 2021 and National Innovation Strategy, Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 and 10X show the careful planning, thinking and support which is going into the UAE’s rapid transition to a knowledge- based economy. “Believing that innovation is the future of human investment, the UAE leadership emphasizes its importance across all sectors through the UAE Vision 2021. That being said, Novo Cinemas has been awarded Best Cinema Theatre Chain 2018 - Middle East & Most Innovative Entertainment Experience – GCC and we intend to continue leading the regional cinema industry towards innovative technologies and cinematic offerings for our customers. The UAE Business market is widely known for being a first-to-market environment and there will be a race to see how Virtual and Augmented reality will play a bigger part of the cinema entertainment experience. Innovative alternative content strategies are key to creating unique experiences the consumer cannot recreate at home. As the pay TV model rolls out even further in the market and the cost of technology for viewing decreases at home, entertainment solutions must find a way to keep the consumer interested. “With James Cameron researching 3D technology that does not need glasses to experience the entire industry is open to new ways to experience entertainment. The holographic device free future is here and currently being applied and developed across the globe. Novo Cinemas are actively engaging a variety of solutions to see which would be the best fit. “A core part of the business environment is how to engage the millennial audience as their behaviours are significantly different to those of the previous generations. As they come into their own it is vital they are targeted in the way they would expect. The digital environment for Novo is a key part of this tactic and we are looking at ways to create seamless experiences for them whereby they book online and then show up with everything they need being ready and waiting.” Technology is central to this focus on innovation, and as such Debbie explores how Novo works to constantly utilise the very latest solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of its valued clients. “State-of-the-art technology including options like virtual reality will be key to this industry evolving and thriving in the future. Offering a variety of in-cinema Share Enjoy