Qatar Business Awards 2019

8 MEA MARKETS / 2019 Qatar Business Excellence Awards , Sharaka Holdings With almost 50 years’ experience in the market, Sharaka Holdings is an innovative real estate group comprising of eight diverse sectors and 29 successful companies. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from this year’s Qatar Business Excellence Awards we caught up with CEOMr. Amer Fares to find out more about the secrets behind its phenomenal success. Best Real Estate Development Company 2019: Sharaka Holdings & Business Holdings Company of the Year 2019: Sharaka Holdings Feb19393 Originally established as the General Trading Group, Sharaka Holdings has since flourished into a thriving group. Over the years the group has gained a diverse portfolio of great interests covering real estate development, construction, even trading, educa- tion, and manufacturing, property management, restaurants and specialised services. Today, Sharaka Holdings owns a wide range of properties and has a presence in the UK, Europe and Jordan. The group is a respected player in the national economy and is proud to drive the country to even greater prosperity, as Amer highlights. “At the heart of our business are the traditional values of partnership and cooperation. We recognize and celebrate our diversity of skills and expertise, knowing that by working together, we are stronger. Through our work we are building for the long term by identifying and seizing new opportunities and opening new market sectors. We have strong brands, each managed by consummate professionals, dedicated to securing strong and enduring relationships with our partners, customers and suppliers. “Supporting Qatar’s National Vision 2030 and its commitment to developing world-class real estate, Sharaka Holdings’ heritage as one of the country’s oldest property developers has enabled it to establish itself as a market leader in the domestic property sector. As a service provider and as a real estate developer in Qatar, we try to support the government efforts toward diversifying the economy and to bring quality into the market. We offer modern estates with sustainability in mind and this is our promise to our inves- tors and residents. We have lived up to this promise.” As a service provider and as a real estate developer in Qatar, the group tries hard to support the government efforts towards diversifying the economy and to bring quality into the market. At the same time, the group has been steadily identifying, and successfully moving into, new markets and sectors while retaining a strong organisational culture. Each of the group’s businesses share the same spirit of entrepreneurship and cooperation and a desire to offer high quality brands, superb ser- vice, good value and a profitable return on investment. This dynamic group would not have successfully navigated the last 49 years without the strong alliances within the group or the close relationships it has even established with its partners, stakeholders, customers and its employees. The firm’s name, “Sharaka” in Arabic means “Partnership”. The group believes that this shows that each team member has contributed towards its success, including the winning of these two award titles in the 2019 Qatar Business Excellence Awards. The group’s values of “At Sharaka Holdings we are an agile organization, we identify opportunities and then quickly orient people, resources and skills to convert the opportunity.” “The word “Sharaka” in Arabic means partnership. We’ve grown from a family business into a family of businesses.”