Qatar Business Awards 2019

MEAMARKETS / 2019 Qatar Business Excellence Awards 13 , Doha Import and Export Center Best Seafood Supplier 2019: Doha Import and Export Center Nov18345 Doha import and export centre (DIEC) is one the oldest seafood trading companies in Qatar, specialising in both fresh and frozen fish. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from this year’s Qatar Business Excellence Awards we profile the company to find out more and explore how far it has come over the past 12months. Originally established in 1980, DIEC has since flourished into a renowned purveyor of fine seafood. Today the firm is led by General Manager Ben Christopher, who draws on his wide experience in the FMCG field to help grow the company and drive it towards even greater achievements. Seeking to offer clients with the products they need, DIEC specialises in combining quality with a reasonable price to the market. To achieve this, the firm’s purchase and sales team work together to constantly improve its quality whilst at the same time ensure that the price remains competitive. The company also boasts a dedicated social media department who will con- tinually explore the latest online developments and feedback from clients so that DIEC can adapt its service offering accordingly. With both its own auction company and fishing vessels, DIEC is able to adapt quickly to any changes in the market and the ever-changing needs of its clients, and this flexible approach has helped ensure the firm’s success since inception, and remains central to its approach to this very day. Looking to the future, DIEC will continue to offer its clients with exceptional quality seafood at affordable prices to ensure that it remains a key player in the Qatar seafood supply space over the coming years. Doha Import and Export Center Contact Information: Company: Doha Import and Export Center Name: Ben Christopher Antony Christopher | Address: PO Box- 17175, Doha, Qatar | Telephone Number: 0097450298496 | Web Address: