MEA Q4 2022

MEA / Q4 2022 Jul22571 Best Shipping Construction Company 2022 - Nigeria Having been incorporated in July of 1998, Capricorn Marine Group celebrated the turn of the century by hitting the ground running in its industry. Indeed, with a singular dedication to its sector and the professionals therein, it has since made itself one of the foremost voices in marine craft construction and repair, cultivating a vast list of clients who trust it implicitly. This has been made possible by the tenacity, dedication, and reliability that it infuses every project with, delivering an outstanding service to each customer based on their individual needs. Specialists in ship and boat construction services out of Nigeria, Capricorn Marine Group handles building and repairs for its customers, helping their fleets of marine vehicles remain afloat for longer. Additionally, it is a key player in the transport and sale of ship and marine equipment supply inside and outside of the region of Nigeria – its home base – allowing it to maintain a reputation that spans borders and has secured it international repute. As ship builders, boat builders, and watercraft repair experts, the repair and refurbishment of all manner of marine craft is something it has developed an evidence-proven pride in, each person within its ranks boasting and displaying vast amounts of knowledge in their fields. Able to service tugs, barges, and marine infrastructures as well as the import, manufacture, and distribution of ship spares, stores, and parts, maritime trade is the name of the game for Capricorn Marine Group. The belief that it holds within itself is that training and manpower development are both pre-requisites for safe marine operations. Therefore, it has worked hard to gather a staff around it that will allow it to achieve the goals its clients wish it to, operating with the utmost safety, rigour, and compliance in order to succeed in all manner of maintenance and construction projects, resulting in reliable crafts. Training, for Capricorn Marine Group, is an invaluable element of the business; each professional within its ranks receives the highest levels of development and education, enhancing high morale and productivity, and providing employees with the skills, education, and experiences they require to serve clients holistically. Indeed, Capricorn Marine Group also provides them with the experience that teaches them how best to thrive in the world of marine construction. The professionals it works for each have different stories and different challenges to face, after all, but by knowing the due process like the back of their hand, the staff at Capricorn Marine Group can address each one of these in turn with intuition and a driving ambition. Its staff also openly each contribute to mentoring, coaching, and assistance schemes through its training programmes in order to educate and inspire the next generation. With a motto of ‘excellence in water transportation’, a mission statement of being the best of the best in the distribution and maintenance of marine products in Nigeria, and a commitment to best and loftiest of moral and ethical standards in business and engineering, its reputation in its industry is now, ostensibly, watertight. Moreover, the vision it foresees for both itself and its industry is one that each of its staff members have a staunch belief in; this ensures that throughout an interaction and project with Capricorn Marine Group, a client will be able to experience the excellence of a company whose staff are all on the same page. Developing, building, distributing, managing, and servicing the marine arts in and out of Nigeria proper, its integrity, resilience, professionalism, and timeliness each serve to set it apart from the others in its industry. Moreover, Capricorn Marine Group has established itself as a leader in more than just the standards of its work, although this is something that consistently earns it accreditation and awards. The other elements of this business that have completely secured it as a household name for Nigeria and further afield include, as a first point, its scrupulous compliance with local and international law is demonstrably flawless at every turn, something it is proud to say is visible in the results of its projects and their long marine life. The respect that it has for its staff and their talents is also something that is indicative of how people-centric this company is in the macro scale. The working environment it has created internally is one of safety, respect, and diligence, one in which diversity in both skills and backgrounds are given their due respect; after all, by having so many perspectives working together, one can often get a much more comprehensive view of the task at hand. Therefore, the respect for human rights and dignity is something it assures its clients that each of its customers benefit from, and something that will make Capricorn Marine Group a true pleasure to work with for their own staff, boasting a working environment that is incredibly healthy and effective. Its environmental considerations are also worth noting, in this way. Understanding the role that the marine industry has to play in environmental degradation in the macro scale, it wants to work in such a way that does not exacerbate this problem, instead championing the ‘tread lightly’ attitude when conceptualising and working on its projects. Company: Capricorn Marine Group Contact: Ema Inyangudo Web: