MEA Q4 2021

8 MEA MARKETS / Q4 2021 , Best Hypnotherapist and Coach 2021 - Middle East A company founded by leadingmind in her industry, Samira Alexander, RapidMind Redesign hasmade a name for itself with its consistent and impressive personal transformation. Able to ascertain results for every client across awide variety of topics, frommindfulness and personal health to sports-focused hypnotherapy, childwellness services, and professional transformation solutions, it has garnered attention fromawidemarket segment that has thrust it into the spotlight as an institute of internal examination and growth. Offering therapies that implement ‘rapid personal transformations’, Rapid Mind Redesign is a lifestyle restructuring coach that allows clients access to a brilliant new way to redesign their mind – and their life – turning it into something that best fits the scale of their ambitions. Led by Samira Alexander, a transformative specialist who works best on the conscious and subconscious level to help people suffering from anxious feelings, stress, or otherwise negative feelings about being stuck and stagnant in their lives. Fundamentally, her work with the people of all genders who walk through her door results in actionable solutions that these clients can take to better themselves and their lives, helping them to navigate fears, overcome blocks, manage low self-esteem, manage trauma, and implement measures to cope with stress-related illnesses. This, in essence, has brought her notoriety as a personable, friendly life coach who can aid her clientele through all manner of trials and tribulations. Her efforts allow clients to be catapulted into an empowered, purpose-driven, fulfilled life, characterised by the higher levels of self-love that come from completing a course of life transformation therapy with Samira, resulting in ‘vibrant wellness’; this covers high-performance energy, emotional resilience, bulletproof self-esteem, success and abundance, professional and personal growth, and more. By working in this manner, Samira wishes to show the modern professional the importance of work/life balance and of taking time for themselves. Therefore, Samira’s efforts are fundamentally collaborative. She works as much with her clients as for them, striving to create a bespoke programme that is totally specific to the individual person and the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis, resulting in a schedule and itinerary that perfectly fits their needs and requirements. In short, this all starts with identifying the root cause of a client’s issues. When this has been secured, Samira and the client can start to examine it all in more detail, painting a vision of the client’s current prevailing state of mind and livelihood, making clear to the client the areas that could use improvement by gently encouraging them to think about elements of their life they’re not totally happy with, and why that might be. From there, Samira and the client can begin to generate a blueprint; this blueprint will forge the action solution for a client, and take them along a stepby-step process to execution that will leave them feeling more confident and sure of themselves. The execution side of the process focuses in on the actionable elements of the plan and what proactive measures a client can take to put across the new, empowered version of themselves that they want to present to the world, using what they’ve learned during the Rapid EMPOWERED Success Programme that is part and parcel with Samira’s services. Rapid Transformational Therapy, or RTT, is also included in this process. Both of these elements of the therapies that Rapid Mind Redesign provides work on the conscious and subconscious level to ensure a fast-acting and permanent transformation solution to a client’s lack of confidence or negative mindset. Additionally, this allows them to adopt a healthier way of thinking when it comes to imagining their internal life and pondering their past, present, and future, fostering a higher level of emotional intelligence towards themselves and the people around them at every turn. Taking a ‘winner’s mindset’ approach to livelihood transformation means that a client can live life on their own terms without compromising. Declaring that they have a right to take up space and claiming that space in their world is a pivotal part of the growth process, after all – one that results in them becoming a ‘Mindset Master’ – a term that Rapid Mind Redesign uses for those who prevail on its programmes to ‘live free, vibrant, and abundant’. Currently, Rapid Mind Redesign boasts 9 million transformations across 9 cities in 9 years, and has made a name for itself with consistently outstanding efforts that its clients have lauded as a pleasure to work with every time, leaving glowing reviews and testimonials that allow it to continue the current growth spurt it as a company is enjoying. Able to grow naturalistically with its clients recommending it to family, friends, and peers, its services include all manner of different growth options. Encapsulated by its ‘career and business’ category, its efforts in this realm seek to ‘unleash the entrepreneur within’, achieving corporate success on an executive level for clients no matter what the industry or region they seek to break into. Crucially, this makes it possible for clients to adopt a ‘millionaire entrepreneur mindset’ before even reaching that level; it teaches its clients to act in a manner befitting their career path May21297