MEA Q4 2021

10 MEA MARKETS / Q4 2021 , and set out a roadmap to further success that matches perfectly with their ambitions. This training, therefore, focuses on helping clients to learn the new skills they need to master in order to progress. Samira is aware of the steep learning curve that many job roles necessitate when taking on a promotion or angling for one, and so she wishes to help give clients the confidence to approach these tasks with self-assurance that even if they don’t crack it immediately, that every attempt makes them better and better until they succeed. The focus on corporate executive success also works to give clients a heightened sense of confidence when addressing large groups of people or managing an unfamiliar environment, taking charge of any feelings of anxiety in order to push through and prevail by way of proactive solutions. This all feeds into personal growth. However, due to that topic alone being such a big one, it has its own dedicated service, one that teaches the principles of deep and unapologetic self-love, accelerated learning, overcoming abuse and bullying, money management, and relationship counselling. Each of these elements can help a client to find a new perspective from which to view their life, and that with the help of Rapid Mind Redesign, they are better able to compartmentalise and cope with the situations around them, taking the steps that they and Samira work through together in order to improve said situations. Of course, Rapid Mind Redesign knows that this work is an incredibly difficult thing to try and grapple with for a client. One of the most difficult things to come to terms with is being faced with elements of your personal life that are unhealthy due to toxicity, especially when it comes to relationships with yourself and others, but this is what makes it such an important element of personal development. Restructuring, reframing, and recalibrating one’s social life can result in a higher sense of self-worth, a more thorough knowledge of personal goals and ambitions, and a better understanding of what a client needs to maintain a thriving and constructive personal life. When it comes to internal wellbeing, Rapid Mind Redesign can also help by providing its wellness services. Working with a client to rethink how they approach the health of their mind and body, Rapid Mind Redesign encourages a comprehensive and loving experience when it comes to the assertion of one’s own needs. Additionally, it offers clients the ability to undergo certain testing measures in order to find out what needs are present and how they might be mitigated to improve the client’s life going forward, such as allergy testing, emotional eating and weight management, addiction management, ADHD testing, anxiety and panic mitigation, autoimmune disease management, stress management, and unexplained infertility exploration. In this manner, it encourages clients to not be shy about exploring the ins and outs of their minds and bodies, getting to know themselves and what causes the individual needs and differences that necessitate them approaching their personal care from certain angles and perspectives. ‘Health is wealth’, Rapid Mind Redesign tells us, and it takes pride in being able to help clients find solutions for trying to lose weight when they’re finding it difficult for whatever reason, feelings of being bloated, cheaper testing procedures, and needle-less allergy testing that has aided many a client in undergoing the tests they must go through without the distress of triggering a phobia. As with each of these services, the work that Rapid Mind Redesign undergoes with a client will inherently feed back into itself and each individual solution will embolden the results of another. This is just a result of the body’s natural synergy, and its mind and body wellness leads nicely into the sport performance services it offers. Above all, this service in particular has been developed to aid athletes and aspiring athletes in reaching the fitness and wellbeing goals that they need to hit for certain sports, events, or milestones, using hypnotherapy principles in order to enhance sporting performance. Therefore, using hypnotherapy in order to be a therapeutic break for a client and to improve their performance in their chosen sport has become a practiced and popular solution within Rapid Mind Redesign. Specifically, it can help a client with their golf performance, for example, aiding them in improving their swing from the accuracy of it to the power and the mindset they go to when they take position; this solution is also helpful for tennis players and any athlete for whom hand-eye coordination and mental state is pivotal. This can help them in moving up to the next level in their chosen sport. Furthermore, Rapid Mind Redesign can help clients find swimwear fitness success. This element of its fitness services focuses on food and training in order to aid clients in reaching a monthly goal, allowing them to focus on the elements of training that matter and streamline the process to get rid of unhelpful exercises or nonconstructive eating habits. It can also work with a client to ‘find their groove’ in exercises such as running and long-form cardio, giving them tips, tricks, and actionable advice that will give them a sure-fire way to improve their timings, as well as to reduce the recovery time needed and prepare them for anything from half marathons to full marathons. It can also help clients that are struggling with childcare. Crucially, this solution brings together all its sensitivity and empathy in order to work with clients and their little ones, aiding them in building a healthier and stronger bond, and delving into the issues that a child might be facing so that a parent can better understand them. By operating in this manner, it has been able to help parents in