MEA Q4 2020

6 MEA MARKETS / Q4 2020 , Best Used Car Dealership - Dubai Owning a luxury car is a truly wonderful feeling; people pride themselves on the vehicle they drive and owning a luxury one can be a serious statement of power and wealth for some people. In Dubai, there is a young car company that provides one of the most unique car buying experiences for customers all over the United Arab Emirates. Alba Cars, the firm in question, is also the recipient of this years’ award title for being the Best Used Car Dealership in Dubai, so we profiled the firm to learnmore about what it has to offer clients. It cannot be ignored that there are some used car dealerships across the Middle East and Africa region of the world that are notorious for unethical sales practices, which has resulted in a great many customers becoming inherently cautious and distrustful when buying a used car. Some even view the very practice of buying a car unpleasant, though necessary, as an experience. Yet, all of those things are as distant as they could possibly be from the service that is provided by the team at Alba Cars. The dealership’s primary goal is to provide the customer with an enjoyable, honest, and transparent service by thoroughly inspecting every single vehicle, backing each vehicle with a two year warranty, and following up to ensure each customer’s satisfaction. Alba Cars also prides itself on offering a wide range of pre-owned vehicles, aiming to provide mid-to-high range luxury at affordable prices. The firm fully utilises the extremely competitive auto finances deals that are available in the United Arab Emirates through working closely with all major banks to ensure that customers get the best possible offers, whilst maintaining a smooth and rapid process. At Alba Cars, the team strive to be a catalyst to everyone, no matter their budget, to achieve the Dubai dream of owning a luxury car. However, the firm’s story originally started way back in the early 2000’s in central Scotland, and Perth. Two school friends from very different backgrounds, one of Scottish heritage and the other of Middle Eastern heritage, dreamed of escaping to Dubai in order to embark on an adventure together. They both shared a great passion for automobiles and business, and left together for Dubai in 2012. Given their love and attachment to Scotland, the business was named Alba, which means Scotland in the Gaelic language. Together, these childhood friends saved enough money to buy their first ever car in 2015, and officially opened their dealership in Dubai. Having worked their way up from nothing, the pair aimed to transform the used car market in Dubai, taking from a distrustful and frowned-upon industry to a more trustworthy and honest trade. Alba Cars was able to gain immediate exposure to the market by utilising social media channels and posting professional photos of vehicles online. These posts were then viewed and appreciated by hundreds of thousands of followers who, in turn, became loyal customers that have stood by the team at Alba Cars ever since those early days five years ago. For the firm today, the main philosophy behind client service remains the same as it always has been; to put the staff’s selves in the shoes of the customer. Something as simple as having a little empathy can help a dealership develop a customer Dec20084