MEA Q4 2018

4 MEA MARKETS / Q4 2018 NEWS , Infoblox Research Finds Managing Higher Education Networks is More Challenging than Ever Before 48 percent of IT administrators believe the greatest security threats come from within the campus. Infoblox Inc., the leader in Secure Cloud-Managed Net- work Services, today announced the re- sults of its global survey on the state of network security at high- er education institutions. Results reveal that 81 percent of IT pro- fessionals state securing campus networks has become more chal- lenging in the last two years. The report titled “Defending Net- works at Higher Learning Insti- tutions - Heroes Needed” found that networks at higher education institutions are incredibly com- plex, which can make them more vulnerable to attack. For example, the average student brings four or more devices with them on cam- pus with 89 percent of IT profes- sionals reporting an increase in the number of connected devices on campus networks. IT profes- sionals are also challenged with a high volume of turnover in stu- dents each year when one quar- ter or more of their users change. Uncontrollable Network - Num- ber of Devices on the Rise While students two years ago mainly brought laptops and smart- phones with them to college, in the age of the Internet of Things, students are now using tablets (61%), smartwatches (27%) and gaming consoles (25%) on cam- pus, dramatically increasing the number of devices connecting to the campus network. In addition to students bringing more devices with them to school, 60 percent of faculty, students and IT profes- sionals use four or more devices on the campus which drives up activity on the network.