MEA Q4 2018

28 MEA MARKETS / Q4 2018 , Part of gategroup, Gate Gourmet Catering Arabia LLC is the leading global provider of airline catering solutions and provisioning services for airlines, both in-flight at over 200 airports as well as at airport lounges. Having awarded the company Leading Airline Catering Service Provider 2018 – UAE in our prestigious 2018MEA Excellence awards we profile it to learnmore about the secrets behind its incredible success. High Flying Fine Dining Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with 39,000 employees, Gate Gourmet operates over 200 facilities in 50 countries on six continents serving 500.000.000 passengers per year. The group’s latest offering, Executive Gourmet, is a Gate Gourmet brand offering a complete catering executive aviation solution. Among the brand’s biggest customers in the UAE is Falcon Aviation Services, and Gate Gourmet works alongside them to provide a truly exceptional level of service. Full catering services by Michelin Star chefs are offered, in addition to a full range of concierge services, including, but not limited to, daily international magazines and newspaper delivery, fine luxury equipment washing, and even flower delivery. To maintain the highest culinary levels and a consistent product, the brand’s dedicated chefs around the world are supported by a global program of investment in their development and the latest food technology, called Sustaining Progress In Culinary Excellence. This is an award-winning culinary program that brings together customers and chefs alike in a true collaboration of passion, creativity and expertise ready to exchange skills and knowledge as well as to enjoy great food and company. The expert team at Gate Gourmet is headed by Executive Chef Thomas Harker, a renowned culinary innovator who previously used to prepare the menus used at HRH Royal Flights UK. Tom has a natural flare and instinct when it comes to food. He also knows what a high-end customer expects and how to provide it to them. Thanks to Tom and his team, clients can trust in both Gate Gourmet and Executive Gourmet. Both brands have a solid record of safety, quality, reliability and consistency. They can act as a one-stop-shop for all of their clients’ executive aviation requirements. Looking to the future, both brands will continue to enhance their service offering, and will work with a range of airports in the UAE working, along with other stakeholders as well as serving luxury yachts at Abu Dhabi and Dubai Marinas to ensure that Executive Gourmet achieves the incredible success that Gate Gourmet has over the years. 1810ME06