MEA Q4 2018

22 MEA MARKETS / Q4 2018 , Global Learning International FZ-LLC (GLI) is a consulting firm specialised in developing and implementing innovative educational projects andmodels by utilising and integrating the latest technologies. We caught up withManaging Partner, Milad Sebaaly who revealed to us the inner- workings of the firmwho recently won the ‘Best E-Learning Consulting Firm2018’ award, in our 2018Winners Review. Innovative Leaders Global Learning International FZ-LLC GLI is a specialised EdTech firm pro- viding unparalleled consultancy services on how to enhance existing educational institutions by adopting the right technology and methodolo- gies, to building innovative new models of teaching, training and learning. In addition to this, it also provides rich content develop- ment services for various age groups, subjects, programs, and in various languages, and the integration of modern, creative and critical thinking skills and instructional design models. For special innovative projects, GLI also provides turnkey solu- tions. It also provides various types of EdTech training, teachers training, and ToT programs, mostly delivered at large scale and in blended format. Finally, with its international position and partnerships, GLI brings to the region some of the best online learning qualifications, and manage to deliver them with the required awareness, localisation, and tutoring support. Milad begins by going into detail about GLI’s overall mission, as well as what steps the team take to ensure that they deliver success for each and every one of their clients. “GLI’s mission is to lead the en- tire MENA region into Knowledge Economy era, by preparing the right human resources or training existing resources, through introducing modern innovative learning and training models, or enhancing existing institutions through the use of modern technology and methodologies. Being part of global leading-edge research and translating it into real innovative projects in the region, has been a powerful way to initiate and spearhead the change. Each successful project becomes a landmark, and each client becomes an ambassador and marketeer of our unique innovation and success.” As for what sets GLI apart from their competitors, Milad explains what qualities the firm have which marks them out as the best possi- ble option for their clients. “Many competitors come to Ed- Tech from technical background. As such, they deal with projects from a technological transforma- tion viewpoint, and thus neglect the special complexities of the ac- ademic landscape. We come from both worlds. Also, we are deeply involved in leading edge research to tackle educational, pedagog- ical, cultural and social matters, especially in our region, and at the same time, we stay up to date with the cutting edge disruptive technology innovations in various fields. With our strong background in AI, Robotics, Critical Thinking, and other modern fields, we were among the forerunners who in- troduced those areas in practical learning solutions.” Speaking of success, the team at GLI were selected as the Best eLearning Consultancy 2018. When discussing the win, Milad highlights what it means to re- ceive the award and the reasons behind their success. “It feels great and honoured to receive the award. Our teams have been working very hard for the past two decades in the region, on building innovative and first-of-its-kind education- al technology solutions and mega-projects and completing them with great success and impact. Such projects as the first accredited virtual university, first accredited blended academy, first social learning platform, and first accredited smart school, in addition to tens of other online and blended learning projects, have established a strong base for technological innovation in education. Regulators, univer- sities, schools, and parents have experienced new type of solutions and updated their approaches accordingly.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Milad signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for GLI, especially follow- ing their recent success as the Best eLearning Consultancy 2018. “In 2019, we shall be involved in several large projects in the re- gion, related to teachers training, digital curriculum development at national levels, blended training projects to train government employees, deploying blended/ online international qualifications in collaboration with existing conventional institutions, to boost their offerings and integrate tech- nology into their daily practices.” Contact: Milad Sebaaly Company: Global Learning International FZ-LLC Address: Office 8, Block 9, Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai, 502964, UAE Telephone: +971 (4) 4200273 Web Address: WR180089