MEA Q3 2021

22 MEA MARKETS / Q3 2021 MEAMARKETS / Q3 2021 23 , Visit to Subscribe: Jun21585 Established in 1997, Turner Wright Ltd (TWL) is a leading Nigerian company that provides solutions in animal health, animal nutrition, and hygiene, as well as food security. In 2006, it established the first indigenous pharmaceutical manufacturing plant that is solely dedicated to veterinary pharmaceuticals, directly employing over 50 people and indirectly empowering several others through distributorship/dealership. Most Trusted Animal Health Company – Nigeria The animal health interest of Merial Group (now Boehringer Ingelheim) after its global repositioning exercise of the year 2000 found a ready hand in Turner Wright Ltd to continue its work in Nigeria. TWL now uses its several years of experience to work in the manufacture, production, distribution and marketing of all kinds of medical and animal health pharmaceuticals and biologicals, as well as acts as manufacturers’ representative of animal health products, pharmaceuticals, biologicals, veterinary/medical equipment, diagnostic kits, laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables. TWL inherits the technical know-how and continues to be the repository of the expertise of Merial in animal health. It provides technical support, supplying vaccines and veterinary medicines to livestock farmers in Nigeria and parts of South Africa. And because of the recognised link between hygiene, health and nutrition, it was only a matter of time before TWL expanded its products to include feed additives from Selko BV/ Trouw Nutrition and disinfectants from Antec/Dupont in its product portfolio. TWL distributes its products to professionals, farmers, farm managers, government purchasing authorities, and more. It maintains a trusting relationship with each business it deals with and it is known for promoting brand products that serve as industry gold standard. TWL takes the lead in its core areas of competencies by providing high-quality products and solutions, innovatively meeting the need of its market and positively impacting the economy. Its mission is to assist in the achievement of production efficiency by promoting products that support time-tested best practice while incorporating emerging and innovative techniques in livestock farming and also by providing inputs for research into and diagnosis of diseases of economic, zoonotic and public health importance. And with recognition of the professionalism with which TWL attends to its business, members of the research community found it expedient to encourage the venture of diagnostic kits and reagents as well as laboratory equipment and consumables. This therefore encouraged the founding of its sister company, Turner Wright Bio-Sciences Ltd which is committed to offering support to its customers in the life sciences research and molecular diagnostics fields. Ultimately, none of TWL’s work could be possible without its staff who are its biggest and most important asset. The company looks for confident, selfmotivated, knowledgeable and dynamic young men and women for recruitment. It encourages its people to have the right attitude to issues, as attitude is everything – This, it ensures by encouraging staff members to take responsibility as if they own the company themselves. Company: Turner Wright Ltd Email: [email protected] Web: