MEA Q3 2021

12 MEA MARKETS / Q3 2021 MEAMARKETS / Q3 2021 13 , , Apr21405 Jun21318 For fast-food chains and pharmaceutical companies alike, the need to transport products like food and medicine at consistent temperatures is vital to success. We take a look at ThermaBags, an innovative UAE-based company, to see how they have managed to design bags and boxes that fit the bill every time, leading to such success in the UAE Business Awards. The world of technology is in a new period of expansion, with specialists in the field needed in a variety of different industries. When it comes to connecting the right person with the right firm, there are few better than the team a Talents Arena. Named Best Technology Recruitment Company – MEA inMEAMarkets’ African Excellence Awards 2021, we thought it high time we take a look at how they have achieved such success. Leading Innovators in Insulated Delivery Solutions 2021 - Middle East Hiring for Technological Success The need to transport items has often encompassed the need to transport them at varying temperatures. For many industries, this is a vital part of securing their overall success. Finding a provider of these items can be difficult, as they have such specific requirements. That’s why it takes an expert like ThermaBags to bring them to market. The team at ThermaBags have built their name on not just providing transport solutions to fast food and pharma alike, but by ensuring that what they offer is of the highest possible quality. The team has made a commitment to using industry A growing tech community has allowed for the emergence of an entire ecosystem around the sector, as businesses search for the ultimate in talent and talent searches for organizations that can allow them the opportunity to grow and develop. Talents Arena offers a unique solution, one which helps engineers find the most fitting job for their profile as well as providing hiring companies with a hassle-free hiring process. Proudly female-led by the CEO and founder Aya Elgebeely and the Co-founder HanaWahby, the team at Talents Arena have made it their mission to help their clients become recognized as superstars. By focusing on the tech community, Talents Arena has been able to make real steps towards this goal over the last few years. With an incredible network, the team are ideally placed to build an environment where engineers can thrive and grow alongside each other. Talents Arena hosts opportunities for these leading lights of the industry to exchange knowledge, get technical assessments and feedback about their profiles, coaching and training in new areas and an unprecedented amount of support. The team goes the extra mile at all times, and the key to this best standards when it comes to the creation and development of insulating materials and technology. The result is a range of products that stands out from the crowd for its durability, light weight and easy ability to maintain temperatures. Buying a ThermaBag means buying something that is synonymous with quality. The team’s products excel in a variety of different ways, including odor prevention, breathability, and moisture control. Through the use of superior abrasion & UV resistant outer fabric, the crisp look that so many desire remains consistent for years of hard work. It’s little wonder, with such care put into every piece of fabric cut, has been the development of a match making platform between vacancies and potential tech candidates. This offering is unique to Talents Arena and is based on the firm’s novel matching algorithm combined with a high touch strategy. This high touch strategy involves ensuring that Talents Arena is deeply embedded in the way in which tech companies operate, with the qualified team working closely with both software engineers and companies to capture their needs, requirements, and interests. As part of the tech community support, Talents Arena has organized three times in a row the biggest virtual Tech job fair in the MENA region, JobStack. The third edition of the JobStack event that was held in August 2021 was attended by 10 thousand of the brightest tech talents in the region, along with more than 40 speakers and more than 25 companies. Obviously, the tech industry is one which has seen enormous change over the last fifteen years alone. One of the challenges of working in this sector is the way in which technologies and programming frameworks can rise and fall quickly. There is enormous demand for tech talents, and not enough people who are able to fill the hiring void. The team at Talents Arena, that the team have been ISOcertified, and work tirelessly to exceed the expectations brought about by this qualification. As with any product for industry, it’s not just aesthetics that draw people in. Many have been impressed by the sheer level of durability that a ThermaBag can offer to them. Most of the firm’s bags are machine washable and incorporate replaceable internal lining and frames so that these can be changed as and when they wear out instead of all in one go. Every single one of the bags and motorbike boxes on sale can be fully customised to meet any demands a client might however, know that skills can be taught, but mindset and beliefs are incredibly consistent. Their rule of thumb has always been to hire people based on their personalities as opposed to their specific capabilities. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have affected every company, but Talents Arena has been lucky to remain incredibly stable. Many sectors have been forced to adapt, such as ecommerce and fintech, and this has increased the demand of tech talents like never before. The considerable amount of investment put into regional tech start ups prove that the product offered by Talents Arena and the community support that they have. This include cutting the pattern to any shape or size, as well as branding bags with screen printing, heat transfer, embroidery, or replaceable print panels, with a very small minimum order quantity. Needless to say, this impressive flexibility is a key reason behind much of the success of the firm. While based in the UAE, the team take advantage of the international nature of the country to pull in some of the world’s best materials into their products. That is why a ThermaBag uses Japanese YKK zippers, 3M & Velcro fasteners, alongside US-manufactured electric heaters with two years warranty. Maintaining this range of products is key to producing items that are of the utmost quality every single time. When it comes to creating the ideal insulated delivery solutions, this is the team who everybody turns to. While they are based within the heart of the UAE, this has only ensured that the team have access to the best resources from around the world to put into their leading products. With quality that goes above and beyond every single time, it’s little wonder that the firm has been such a strong purveyor of success. Company: ThermaBags Name: Sulaiman Fazli Email: [email protected] provide is needed like it has never been needed before. The work that Talents Arena does is exceptional and has been a major boon to technology businesses across the MEA region. The team’s unique ability has been incredibly useful in the growth of this sector and has ensured that the recent boon in this technology worldwide can be reflected in the way that the MEA region operates too. 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