Q3 2019

MEAMARKETS / Q3 2019 9 , A+Students is a South African franchise which offers earlymaths andmental arithmetic education through the use of the Abacus. Earlier this year, the franchise found success in MEAMarket’s African Excellence Awards 2019 where they were selected as both the Best Maths Education Company - South Africa and Award for Innovation inMental Arithmetic Training 2019. Following this exceptional accomplishments, we profiled the firmand caught up with CEO, Andy Raouna who revealedmore about A+Students success. Providing Access For All Children To Foundation Phase Maths And Mental Arithmetic Founded by Marlene Mouton, A+Students since their inception has served more than 40,000 students, aged between two and a half and thirteen. With a mission to provide access for all children to foundation phase maths and mental arithmetic, the team at A+Students and the courses they offer helps to create a confidence and love of maths within their students. This new found confidence will enable them to carry the knowledge with them throughout their school career and beyond. Going into further detail, Andy begins by informing us about the initial steps the team at A+Students takes to ensure that overall outcome of the project is a success. “When starting a new project in a country, we begin by undertaking intensive research into understanding the various markets. This is done to ensure that the correct adaption is done, so that the product is suitable for the local markets. Thereafter it is constant training for each member of the team. “Many times a project which holds significant potential fails due to not having proper structures in place and to a lack Jun19509 of training. A+Students avoids these pitfalls and would rather expand at a slower rate, and ensure the projects which we do undertake are successful.” Enabling the firm to deliver these personalised services, is the talented, passionate and committed team which forms the backbone of A+Students. When discussing the internal culture, Andy is keen to highlight the significant role the team play in the overall success. “Here at A+Students, we are a professional, yet family- orientated organisation. We work tirelessly to promote honesty and high moral ethics and standard, alongside delivering excellence and success, all whilst celebrating achievements and outstanding results.” With African and Middle Eastern countries striving to develop and become active members of the world economy, solid education is needed and A+Students is poised and ready to expand to these regions. Some of their course materials will be adapted to suit the local markets, however remembering the maths is after all an international language. As for what the future holds for the team at A+Students, Andy signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, touching on their ambition to further expand both their presence and business. “Moving forward, we hope to expand A+Students through additional courses which will still use Abacus as the foundation, but can also be taught to older children. In addition to this, we have plans to expand within our region through franchising, by aiming to provide each child with the opportunity to access our courses and early development of maths and mental arithmetic learning. Finally, A+Students will soon be expanding to the United Kingdom, where it has already registered offices, and also to Australia.” The future for the team at A+Students looks bright as they continue to achieve their set goals and also further expand the business across the globe. Contact: Andy Raouna Company: A+Students Address: Building B, Willowvale Office Park, Van Hoof Street, Ruimsig, South Africa Web Address: www.aplusstudents.co.za

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