Q2 2020

MEAMARKETS / Q2 2020 7 , Feb20247 Mountain High Success We all have our own personal mountains to climb and succeeding in these ventures allows us to progress to new ambitions. It goes without saying that scaling these heights can be a challenge. Julie Lewis of Mountain High has perfected the technique of reaching new heights through her company dedicated to Group Coaching, Speaking, Retreats and Expeditions. We looked more closely to find out more. At the peak of a mountain, on her 40th birthday, Julie Lewis had an epiphany. It was a moment of clarity that brought all of her life experiences, personal and work, and tied them into one idea. The result was Mountain High. In the years that followed, Mountain High became the most credible company in the UAE to provide Group Coaching, Speaking, Retreats and Expeditions. Of great worth to both individuals and companies, Julie takes a strengths-based approach to bring out the best in everyone she works with. Julie adapts and customizes her programs and delivery style to suit her clients specific needs and objectives. Since 2003 she has trained and led multi-national teams of women and men on 60 expeditions to over 20 countries around the world to include trips to the Arctic and Antarctica, challenging the way people think, act and dream. In short, she invites and encourages clients to put the physical, mental and emotional health of the individual at the heart of an organization. The results are transformational and long-lasting with noticeable improvements in productivity, creativity, resilience, engagement and performance levels. Julie’s extensive client list, ranging from Land Rover to HBSC to Zayed University is matched by her impressive academic record in the field. She holds a BSC Degree in Sports Science, is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Coach through the American Board of Practitioners, certified in Holistic Stress Management through Dr. Brian Luke Seaward of the Paramount Wellness Institute, Boulder Colorado and a Certified Resilience Consultant through one of the top Business Psychology groups in the UK – Nicholson McBride. In March 2020 she certified in Positive Psychology and the Science of Well-Being to address the needs of clients seeking more mental and emotional resilience as a result of the current health crisis. She is the author of C-Suite Best Seller “ Moving Mountains – Discover the Mountain in You. ” Mountain High has found its place in the industry by taking a unique integrated approach to personal and professional leadership. Under Julie’s careful stewardship, it’s clear that any business or individual can benefit from the exceptional advice that she has to offer. Contact: Julie Lewis Website: www.julie-lewis.com / www.mountainhighme.com

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