Q2 2020

MEAMARKETS / Q2 2020 15 , Dec19228 Best Commercial Property Services Group & Real Estate Brokering Specialists of the Year Founded in 1975, Broll Property Group has since grown to become one of Africa’s leading commercial property companies, with offices across South Africa and the greater continent. Following the company’s success in this year’s African Excellence programme, we took a deep dive into Broll’s history to find out more about its achievements, successes and future. With services ranging from auctions, sales, facilities management, investment and property management, Broll markets itself as a one-stop-shop in the property and real estate industries across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. Indeed, on a landscape that seems shaped by doing one thing very well, Broll has looked to buck the trend, becoming a master of all trades rather than just one. This has served to act as a differentiator, and – partnered with its long- standing reputation – has secured Broll as the de-facto leader in the greater region. Its vast presence too acts as a distinguisher, allowing the company to seamlessly work across markets and service lines to deliver exceptional, best in class services and solutions to its clientele. Where small firms are gaining an advantage with their bespoke, client-centric values, Broll manages to keep ahead by adopting a small firm approach to the way it does business. Combining modern client centricity with the power and expertise of a large company gives clients the ‘best of both worlds’ – a rare thing, regardless of market, location, industry or field. In this way, Broll has managed to evolve constantly with the needs of its clients. Despite its history and longevity, it very much holds contemporary values at its core. Driven by innovation and a need to put the client’s needs before anything else, Broll has long led the pack in an incredibly competitive field and exploded onto the African landscape – which has long been ripe for opportunity as a growing, and swiftly developing continent. Ultimately, robust founding values have been fundamental to Broll’s enduring success. With a strictly hands-on senior management team, and transparent, honest practices def the cornerstone of the company’s formation, the subsequent years have simply added more opportunities to extend Broll’s reach and development. Today, the company has an envious position as a trusted establishment for clients and a place that appreciates hard-work and honed experience. Address: Sandown, Sandton, South Africa Website: https://www.broll.com/

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