MEA Q1 2021

MEAMARKETS / Q1 2021 25 , Sep20439 Businesses can be transformed by technology. Applied in the right way, a company can find numerous efficiencies andmyriad ways of increasing productivity through automation and optimisation. Core Technologies Ltd has assistedmany companies through this process, earning them the title of Best IT Solutions Provider 2020 - Indian Ocean in the African Excellence Awards. We take a closer look to see how they do it. Making Modern Business Tick Microsoft is ubiquitous throughout the world as a leading provider of technological solutions, but what often goes unmentioned is the way in which this impressive technology is applied to different situations. As no two businesses are the same, no two solutions can be identical. Where the team at Core Technologies excel is in their ability to produce the ideal outcome, operating as a partner between Microsoft’s capacity and a business’s individual needs. The team have the ability to provide a wide range of services, solutions and software that are designed to optimise the operation of your Microsoft investments. No business has everything nailed, and working alongside the team at Core Technologies allows organisations to reach their full potential. Their close relationship with the material puts them in the ideal position to tackle this complex workload. Since opening its doors in 2012, the firm has grown dramatically, serving a variety of customers in many different ways. In the last two decades, the team has supported more than 5,000 customers in both their communications and collaborations with other businesses. Their work has seen many adopting impressive cloud technology systems that have been transformative on businesses in a variety of sectors. As they have seen the opportunities presented across various platforms, they have come to understand the potential of what is on offer for their specific requirements. Needless to say, Core Technologies is set apart by a commitment to excellence. This is far from just another buzzword, and is built into the fabric of the company. Leading the way forward is a passionate team, who truly love what they do. Clients who have turned to the firm have been able to see the boundless enthusiasm and dedication that goes into every single project. Every project starts the same way, with an exploration of what a business requires in order to thrive. This defines not only the scope of the project, but the nature of the technology change. From this point, the team can identify internal champions of change who will see the process through to the end. Once the scheme has been carefully envisioned, it can be onboarded. This involved the creation of adoption plans for all users, as well as activities so that individuals can understand what changes are happening and why. This is vital, ensuring that those within the organisation understand what changes are being implemented and why. Throughout the whole process, there is a desire and determination to gather feedback and measure business outcomes for all involved. From these steps, it will be possible to identify areas for improvement, ensuring that all future capacities are road mapped and scaled. By building this in at the start, it will be easier for businesses to expand into the organisations that they wish to become. The projects that Core Technologies has been involved in have been transformational for both businesses and the people they serve. One of the most comprehensive examples of their work was the Airtel North and South Mahe Fibre Ring project. This involved an enormous amount of infrastructure construction including furnishing labour, equipment, pole supplies, labelling and testing and performing the following operations recognized as necessary for the installation, termination, and labelling of optical fibre infrastructure. Working from conception through to final test reports, the end result was a well- constructed project that has stood the test of time. The team’s work on Ericsson projects has also brought them great success, allowing the team to apply themselves to various different projects. These have included NTP Server installation and integration for Airtel, the installation and configuration of CAS-C customer migration for Airtel and EMM Project installation for Airtel Seychelles to name but a few. Each brought its own unique challenges that had to be overcome by the team, who did so with aplomb. The work of Core Technologies is invaluable. The team’s efforts to support businesses of all shapes and sizes are to be commended. When it comes to investing in the core aspects that make modern business tick, there are none finer. Company: Core Technologies Ltd Contact: Jaya Nair Web: Email: [email protected]