MEA Q1 2021

MEAMARKETS / Q1 2021 19 , Nov20725 In the busy and growingMEAMarket, luxury has become an important pathway to secure success. When looking at businesses like Beirut Luxury SARL, we look at the organizations that have seen the potential of the marketplace. In the light of the team’s impressive success in theMEA Business Awards, we take a closer look to see how they’ve been able to achieve such a stunning achievement. Best High-End Cosmetics Retail & Distribution Company - Middle East Based in Lebanon, the world of Beirut Luxury revolves around the desire to bring a new and impressive standard of beauty to people in the country at large. The team are a regional distribution and retail company active in the fragrance and cosmetic sector, catering to a variety of markets in the Middle East. Their work is unparalleled in terms of its reach, scope and range of products. As the desire for beauty becomes more and more apparent within the Middle East, the need for businesses to pick up the slack has become obvious. The team at Beirut Luxury place the three values of happiness, colorful and beauty at the heart of their operations. Every decision takes these factors into account, which is how they have been able to not only secure high quality products, but change the way in which people live their lives by selling them as broadly as possible. The mission of the firm is to enrich people’s lives through giving them the best qualitative and innovative services and elements to unleash their creativity. By providing the opportunity to break the daily routine and change the environment into something happier and more welcoming, the team know that they will have more of an impact on the world at large. When it comes to the products produced, the team focuses on progressive trends within the fragrance and makeup sector. When they chose perfumes to sell, the team try to find long lasting and characteristic perfumes that can define the most sophisticated in society. When it comes to finding a signature scent, the team at Beirut Luxury have something exciting for everyone. It’s easy to see the role that the team at Beirut Luxury have played when it came to expanding the beauty industry of the Middle East. Their work has been exemplary, creating not only an incredible selection of cosmetic products, but giving women in the region the opportunity to keep up with every beauty fad in the world. Company: Beirut Luxury SARL Contact: Nahla Jaber Web: Email: [email protected]